8KX jitters badly while using lighthouse tracking

Just received the 8KX yesterday and unfortunately the view within the HMD jitters like mad when using lighthouse tracking. If I flip it to internal tracking the view is stable. I’ve tried multiple reboots, HMD power cycle’s, etc… I have an Index that works fine in the same tracking environment - 3 lighthouses. Anyone else see something similar? I’m assuming I may need a replacement @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA ?


I would say mine wobbles and is unusable on LH tracking, I’ve logged a ticket and awaiting debugging via teamviewer session.

Does it look kinda like this ?

This is through the lense shot of my 8Kx of an index controller, the whole world wobbles on all 3 axis.

Same lighthouse and PC setup works flawless with my 5K+


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I see your controller shaking badly but the menu behind it looks relatively stable. Is it just your controllers shaking? On mine the menu and any object in view all shakes / jitters.


If it’s your whole world then same symptoms as mine. I need to file a ticket. Ugh…

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No believe me, it’s everything that wobbels, the whole VR view / world, it’s just because the controller is in focus that one notices it the most.
Will update you once I have had support debug it.

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Thanks for posting. Certainly sounds like the same problem. I will file a ticket. Fun.

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Any update to this issue? I seem to have the same problem

Do you have mirrors, tv screens, windows in the room that can mess up the tracking? I usaly put a blanket over my tv when playing.


So that’s not the issue :wink:

well that’s… novel.

A solution you can test that dont cost you anything but if you only want to complane then do so.

Yeah I have the same problem with mine it’ll do it probably for the first 30 seconds to a minute then it’ll start calming down and stabilizing except last night it was doing it off and on throughout the whole game I was playing

Sorry but I think that you misunderstood my intention with the quote.
If the OP has an issue with his lighthouse tracking with 3 lighthouses, that are running just fine with his Valve Index HMD. Then I do not see why his issue with the 8Kx would be due to reflections on surfaces, as this issue would be (reflected) pun intended on his Valve Index HMD.

I have the simmilar issues with my new 8Kx as the OP, and have a ticket logged on that.
I have a setup with 2 V2.0 Lighthouses that work perfectly with my 5K+ but when using the 8Kx with them, the whole world wobbles on all 3 axis.

So sorry if I offended you with my quotation, that was not my intention.

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Yes the tracking is not as good for Pimax but what I ment is you can help it out.

Tracking is perfect on my 5K+
sorry for hijacking @FlagGhost

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sberns had his issue solved by support, apparently another support employee than the one that looked at mine for less than a minute

I did but i had different issues - a bricked 8KX and my base station was not being detected. I now also have jitter and if I can’t solve it I will be opening another ticket.

I filed a ticket yesterday. Just to be clear this isn’t a minor jitter that you can play through. The HMD is unusable. Will update here if they ever get back with me.

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I had the same issue with the world jumping around and found I had to move the lighthouses much further away from the headset than they had been previously when using the Index. Now about 10ft. Solved it for me.

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Just tried with one LH 2.0 only and putting it approx 13. ft away from the HMD.
Same problem, the whole VR World still wobbles like crazy

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