8KX gets very hot on top left

I’ve had my 8KX for a few weeks now, haven’t posted a review but it would be mostly very positive. I love this thing. However, I have noticed something that concerns me is that the top of the HMD just to the left of the center, it gets hot after an hour, and after two hours I mean this thing is HOT. Like so hot I can’t keep my fingers on it indefinitely.

There are no performance issues or stability issues, it continues to operate normally even though it gets insanely hot. But heat kills electronics so out of long-term reliability concerns I have been considering putting a couple vram heatsinks or something on it.

But before I do I thought I’d ask if anyone else’s gets insanely hot. Like is that normal/expected?

fwiw I have my USB 3.0 cable plugged into the “VR” USB port of my motherboard, and the USB 2.0 cable plugged into a 5v usb powered hub.


it gets warm on the top left, but if it gets hot enough that you actually burn yourself on it, then you’ll probably want to open a support ticket.

I think there’s a few on the forum that has reported extraordinary heat but I’m not sure what the outcome was.

@MikeJeffries I think was one? I may be wrong.


Yup i was but it stopped. It was either the cable was loose, apitool firmware update, or just no more power from the usb’s while the pc is off (or unplug it). Not sure which it was that stopped the heat. I reseated the cables and make sure theyre firmly connected first and make sure you’re on the latest beta And then monitor it. Make sure youre not getting power from the usb’s while the pc is off either. I made sure to change that in my bios so it wouldnt stay on while plugged in with the pc off. That was one of the major factors because it keeps pulling power as well.


There was another thread were the solution suggested by support was actually to insert/reseat the cable properly on the headset side.

Even though it doesn’t seem to be detachable, it is and it seems that some aren’t properly inserted before being shipped.

Either disable standby power in BIOS as Mike suggests or make sure to hold the power button for a few seconds until the led lights bright red for a proper power off.


I always turn mine off when I’m done, and it is cool to the touch after sitting for a bit. It’s only when I’m actually using it. Before opening a ticket I will try reseating the cable. Any photos/videos I can be pointed to for guidance? Like just pull it out and plug it back in?

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Jup. There’s a YouTube clip from a 5K+/8K (og) here (anything but the cowling should be the same):

Damn that cable is thick :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would bet on the cable. A single ohm of resistance could dissipate a full watt of power at 1A.

We need to know more about this. Connector pins hot enough to heat up the case that much could easily permanently brick the headset itself.

I suggest not only reseating the connector, but also zip tying (very gently!) the cable to the MAS like this.

Thats a good idea!!!

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Whats that other wire you wrapped around it?

By the way, my pc is on over an hour and its warm, but not hot like it was before. It hurt to keep my finger on that area originally.

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My own accessory power cable, made from silicone hookup wire, tinned copper, 30AWG, clear heatshrink where needed. Red/Black +5Vcc/Vee, Yellow ~8-26Vsys .

Mostly because I will probably add another USB3 cable some day, and I want to keep the overall bundle small and light as possible.

Good test results by the way, thank you.

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awesome work. You should post up what you did to do that for others also! Great job

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Thanks, now I will. But first, I have to publish this nice splice panel/box device I crafted up a few weeks ago for 3D printer extruders… really speeds things up in the most compact way possible…

Thank you I did try unplugging that thing (had to seriously bend the cowl) and blowing out the port and the plug, but so far seemingly hasn’t been any change. Although I haven’t had enough time to play for an hour or more straight, still gets pretty warm so i am guessing it will just continue to heat up like it has been doing. I’ll try unplugging from the 5v USB hub and run it completely off the motherboard and see what happens tonight.


Well I got a chance to play today for a while. After I unplugged the USB cable from a 5v power hub and plugged both USB cables into my motherboard ports, the insanely hot temps have gone away. It still gets a little warm, but not “is this thing going to fry itself?” hot.

I also did try a bunch of the other suggestions mentioned here, and some of them I was already doing. But it seems like the 8KX just preferred not to be plugged into a 5v hub.


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