8kx double visions not pp 6900xt

CPU with AIO 360.

NO overclock.
Had a play with OC, but turned all OFF because of this issue.
I am sure if i had an overclock, even, I would say "turn of the OC for now, while we test.

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I have turned all smart smoothing off, because if this issue

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Have you tried using fpsVR to determine the fps? My best guess is that something is somehow interfering with VR. If your double-image is due to low-fps (like mine was), that gives us something to troubleshoot.

Have you tried turning off the mirror display (VR image which is shown on your flat monitor)?

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Firstly Thanks for the ongoing feedback.

Took me more than a minute to do the update of my BIOS. It is done now.
Needed to test everything again.

NO overclock.
An improvement over before the update.

Issue description as of today. after BIOS update
I will now say: I am NOT having this issue in SteamVR (thought i was before). SteamVR settings page (in 8Kx) looks great.
SteamVR (in 8kx) Reposition Standing Position - Now works (did not before).

Beat Saber: In steamVR, PP on, SS off, looks fine.
Space Pirate Trainer: needs work, but I do not think this is the same issues.

That seams to have gone. Not tested all, but some apps will now start from Pitool or Pi Experience.

STILL have TWO issues
This may be a Pi Experience only issue!
Double Vision explanation
Looking at the settings page in Pi Experience.
PP off
SS off
All view sizes e.g. normal
All Render quality e.g. 0.5
Low resolution so GPU and GPU have no issues
Looks great UNTIL
I move my head set or reposition the Pi Experience page (a bit left, or a bit right).
The double vision (see picture above).
All text and the white round circles with the “<” “>” show in two or three places at the same time.
This is only for a short time, while moving. When stationary, it looks great again.

Possible second issue (originally though it was the same one)
Project Cars 2
The symptoms are not really similar. I can call this jitter. So I will work on this in a Project Cars 2 forum (here somewhere).


Great to hear you are making progress.

You should report on the PE specific issue in the latest PE feedback thread; as stated, there aren’t many users if any that use RDNA2 GPUs with their Pimax and you could offer valuable data to @arminelec and @SweViver detailing your experience with that GPU.


Yes you are right. Now it looks like a Pi experience only, i will now.
Do you know where that is?
Is it this one?


That’s progress. I’m envious of your graphics card!

The double-vision may still be a low-fps issue. Perhaps, there is something wrong with PE or its settings, which is causing the fps to be too low.

I think so.

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In Pitool, Diagnostic

I still have "Video Protocal = unknow"

I wander if it got lost because i also noised the spelling
“Video Protocol = unknown”

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That might be an issue (“unknow”, not the spelling). I assume the misspelling is simply due to the programmer’s native language being Chinese, not English.

In PiTool, under Help / Diagnose, my “Video Protocal” is “DP” which probably means DisplayPort.

Anyway, it’s well past the time I should be asleep. I’ll check back tomorrow.


Great help. I though it should say that, so I raised it in my issue list above.
It looks like it is probably important.
I have re told Pimax on my ticket.
I have been taking to Gaby.


Awesome progress Darrell!

@chiagod posted on reddit that 90hz native might be working on Amd gpus it seems.



i have no access to reddit, Englishman in China.

but i have the 90hz update.
i tried it, yes it worked. But i still have other problems. so i did not spend time on it. sott of thought it was standard now.

ill have a better look tomorrow.
after i have a firm opinion, ill post

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Here is a screenshot of @chiagod’s post.

Good to hear that you have had some success with 90hz. Hopefully once these other issues are resolved can get a good run on it.

Look forward to hearing your opinion on it.

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Not the best place to say this; i will start a new thread, in a bit.
8Kx 90Hz in Steam VR
Beat Saber: PP on, SS off, looks good, working good
Space Pirate Trainer: PP on, SS off, looks good, working good

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I’ve just noticed something in this photo. Sorry not sure if it has been mentioned.

At the bottom, the left image is brighter. But at the top the right image is brighter. Does this tell us anything? Like, how do scan lines work and could this be related or suggest anything?

IDK what I’m talking about, obviously, but I just thought it looked odd and was worth mentioning.


It is making me look more closely.
This is a pic of my screen (TV) looking at what is in HMD (left) and (on right) AMD graphic software Radeon.

I am still having the problem. but only in some places. This particular double vision, is only in Pi Experience. But, i am have other problems. I do not know if they are related!


Oh I see. I didn’t read properly I thought it was through the lens of the headset.

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I just spent the day on this ~10 hours.
As noted above, had great success with 90Hz. Played for about 30 mins.

Spent the rest of the time trying to get things working.
Played with Redeon setting (this is an AMD 6900xt) - basically all off.
Played with Project Cars 2, Same as before. I can do nothing to influence the issue. This is not the same a the Double Vision I have in Pi Experience. PC2 explained above.

and installed Project Cars 3. This has neither of the problems listed above. At one point I had it working (low res) so tuned up the res a bit (requires restart), and it was really good, no issues. So turned up the res a bit more and then from the moment i start it (so still in SteamVR) HMD 3FPS, GPU 2%, unusable. Still looks great on TV!
Since then I have not been able to get back to the place I was when it was working (for 1 min) at lower res.

What is going on?
I have to, you know, work next week. I am still looking for ideas and help.

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It does sort of act like low FPS (some times). Why would GPU be so low utilization?

In PC2 I don’t think it is, it is more like a PP thing.
I just tried PC3 and that defiantly looks like VERY low FPS. Again low GPU 2%

So i think there are two or three issues here.

If I assume for a moment the GPU is not being asked to work, then the FPS is low. This would make sense for two of the problems: PE & PC3.
How is the graphics pipeline triggered and what determines the path?
What are the setting for that (that I can play with)? Hold on, I have played with them.
Are they working?

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Thanks for the input.

The double vision i have with PE: it looks great until I move my head. When moving I could see the double vision in either eye and on the flat screen. I would not call this stuttering.

If I max our resolution(in some game) - can get stuttering. I think i know(now) what stuttering looks like. I do not think this is stuttering. (I’ve been wrong before!)

Yes have some non VR games. No issues, look great, no stuttering, no need to overclock. E.G. Control
That TV I am using is only 1920x1080

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