8kx : double vision in MSFS!


Since a few weeks, don’t why, I have a huge performance issue in MSFS in VR (Pimax 8kx, Nvidia 3090, Intel 9900K).
With same parameters as before, as soon as I move the headset, I suffer double vision, or stutters, or both, hard to explain.
When no head movements, there is no issue, so I guess this is not linked to a perf issue with the game parameters.
And more strangely, I just discovered that the issue diseapears totally as soon as I change the focus from MSFS to another application (using windows alt-tab, to SteamVR for example).
Everything is back to normal behavior, I can move the head without any issue.
And of course if I move back the focus to the game, same behavior shows-up again.
I have re-installed the NVidia drivers, and all the Pimax tools, without success.
Any clue?

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I remember suffering from the same symptoms some time ago and setting something up. I think it was something related to windows task priority or something, but I don’t remember exactly.
Maybe windows-settings-game-gamemode off, etc.

HAG:off GameMode:off on my system

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You have to enable parallel projections in pitool OR run the OpenXR toolkit.

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Hi, thanks,

@PimaxUSA : I’m quite sure this is nothing to do with PP, as I’m playing msfs in VR with my Pimax since day one, without issue (not using PP 'cause not too annoying by the billing issue).
This is not culling issue, it is more like stutter r with one eye didn’t succeed to follow the rythme of the other eye for a few milliseconds.
@coverman : I will investigate this, I think high probability you’re right because, Reddy time another program got the focus of Windows the problem disappear…

@coverman : You saved my day !!
Found the guilty : this was a windows option activated into System/Display/Graphics/default parameters/modify default parameters (don’t know the exact translation in english, but this should be close.
As soon as deactivated, and windows restarted, boom, everything back to normal :slight_smile:

Thanks thanks thanks

I am glad to see the improvement.
It is not a good idea for windows settings to degrade MSFS performance. :pleading_face:

Late to the party, but here’s your solution:
Windows Settings/Graphic Settings/ turn 'Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling OFF.

Ran into the same thing, but in Skyrim VR.

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