8KX doesnt always power on

Well I have exhausted my search here for my issue so here goes.

Sometimes when I power on my 8KX headset by pressing and releasing the power button, the LED goes from bright red to dim red and stays dim red, I do hear the tone (“ding ding a ding”) in the headphones telling me the headset has connected, well I guess thats what the tone means, but the LED never goes to green.
Now other times it powers on ok, about 50/50…I push and release the power button, the LED goes from bright red to dim red, I hear the tone, then LED goes to green.

I have tried plugging the USB cables into various USB 3.0 ports until I found the 2 that work. But before this sometimes the PC will put up a window saying (the USB port is overloaded) or something to that effect, I finally found a combination of USB ports will allow the headset to power up. I have a pretty beefy power supply with a decent MB.

I have the latest firmware, Pitool and Nvidia drivers,
Any suggestions , Thanks!

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There was a windows utility someone posted that could tell you the power draw per usb port.

@Heliosurge ?

If all else fails you could always get one of those inateck pcie usb 3 cards iwth 4 or 5 ports

thats what I use…got it for CV1 for those cameras


Not sure the Ap off hand.

@stixvr the usb’s on the motherboard often share some of the same places. Something to check as it may affect ouput is the ports set to charge to allow items to charge even when computer is off. Fast Charge dials up power output up to 12v.

I would recommend where possible to use an external power for the usb2 power or at least verify the 2 usb ports used are not related. Ie use a usb 3 port and a usb 3.1/2 port. If you have regular usb2 ports this may work as well.

@Lebois I believe also had a usb over power draw on his setup. A power supply tester might be an idea in case part of the psu is becoming unstable.


Lebois issue seemed to be the cable.


Look over what he did to test ie power Hub and file a ticket as it seems you likely have the same issue of a defective hmd cable.

His topic will help by mentioning what has been tested and can link his topic as well.


When I plugged the cable (the defective one), there was a little spark in the usb port. If you have the same problem, and pay attention, you should be able to see it.


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