8KX Backers - to keep the stretch goals or to not... that is the question

I’m happy I backed the 8KX. I’m going to keep my 8K loaner but not sure if the stretch goals are worth $250. What are others doing?

Also, the 8KX sent to the 8KX backers has the comfort head strap yes?

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It comes with the Comfort Kit and an Audio Headstrap but I have no idea if it’s the Deluxe Audio Headstrap or the Standard Audio Headstrap.

It’s the Standard one https://community.openmr.ai/t/move-here-to-discuss-pimax-day-2/23028/360?u=burstingtops

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If you dont select deluxe its with standard audio.

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Audio should be high quality by default. I don’t understand why VR is so focussed on visuals alone…



I don’t remember Pimak asked between standard and deluxe audio!!!

The deluxe headphones (on-ear) is a new option, which was not originally offered.

It is $100 extra if you are ordering an 8KX (as an upgrade). Pimax said that the headphones are modular and that the deluxe strap can be upgraded to use the deluxe headphones (which should eventually be listed in the Pimax store).

Technically it’s the off-ear that is the new option :slight_smile:

All previous versions seen in various forms including the stretch goal illustration and description has always implied on-ear headphones as what was being offered.

Looking forward to feedback on the off-ear solution from people, the origin of the audio and angle it’s pointing at looks completely wrong to me, but hopefully it’s better than expected.