8K X- Settings for Star Wars: Squadrons

Hello all, Can anyone advise as to settings for Pitools for playing Star Wars Squadrons?

It seems Parallel Projection is required. frame rate is an absolute slideshow, any advice?

i5-8600K @ 5Ghz
GTX 1080

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9600k, 2080TI.

You are correct that PP is required.

I found it impossible to get 75 fps with pitool quality 1 and 100% SS on normal FOV. It is playable on this though and looks great. I kept most settings on low still. Smoothing would probably work well but I don’t use it.

To get 75 FPS I lowered PiTool quality to 0.75. With this I can get a pretty stable 75 with a low - mid spread of the other settings. Off the top of my head, shadows and similar as low as possible, AA the 2nd option, textures and antistropic quite high, post processing and AO low. It’s a shame though as the difference in clarity between 1 and 0.75 is huge.


Don @vrgamerdude dude has a video on youtube with Yaw being used. Check comments as he has shared some info and be sure to subscribe. :beers::wink::vulcan_salute::sparkles:



Does it run fluid at 75 FPS though?
I tried to run Squadrons at 72hz refresh so I can use normal or large FOV instead of small and while I manage to keep solid 72FPS all the time no problem I get frame pacing issues. I can see large stuff like asteroids or capital ships judder past my cockpit without any frame dips. When I play at 90hz/90fps it is completely fluid and performs great (I need small FOV ticked though).

I only played about 60 minutes at 75 as per my post above but it did seem ‘real’ 75. Prior to that I had issues where it seemed objects were at a lower fps, like you describe. Between tries I changed my desktop window settings to windowed borderless, which I guess may have improved things.

I couldn’t get it running well at native regardless of settings, but in upscaled mode it runs great, except about every 10-20 minutes the right display shuts off and I have to exit the game, restart the HMD and then reload.

also the right display always seems to shutoff whenever I jump to light speed… this is in upscaled 114hz mode.

With a GTX 1080, resolution will be somewhat limited. Try PiTool Render Quality 1.0, SteamVR resolution of 2160v, and disable any supersampling within the VR app Star Wars Squadrons itself.

@kazansky22 Seems like you are running out of VRAM. Proof I guess that concerns about the 3080 are justified.

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