8K X - Pre-order

Just as a suggestion and to pick up what might be upcoming for some of us.

I would most likely get an 8K X. I have some $ from the downgrade (8K to 5k+) and another coupon. It would be great if I could add those $ to my account in the store and then use them on e.g. the 8K X.
As far as I can see, that is not possible since I can only add it to the purchase of existing models, but not to the account.

So I suggest adding a preorder for the 8K X in the Store.

This is future stuff, I know, but maybe a backers or general early bird special would be nice and get the order numbers for the panels to a good head start for 8k x production.

Edit: havent read it? → Specs and more: https://community.openmr.ai/t/sweviver-pimax-8k-x-specifications-revealed-everything-you-need-to-know/20193

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Not sure if that’s a good idea considering where they are backlogged with orders/KS pledges at present.

Not a bad idea in principle, but probably not just yet.


True, but I believe a significant amount of HMDs from the KS Phase is out (logistic problems not considered).
Sure the Controllers and Base stations are somewhere in the production/ramp up or what ever phase (lets say they are out for late summer).

But basically, while they are still doing the clean up of that phase and need to deliver the stations and controllers, if the 8k x is targeted for lets say a december release, it would be wise to have a head start for panels and the like - and the more folks you have already in for that, the easier it is to order supplying parts from other manufacturers.

I don’t think (if the shop works) that it would add a large amount of stress or eat up much ressources - its still all on paper - no hassel but to keep track of who is already in the boat for the 8K X.
But sure enough - there is lots that could go bad and post pone a product…

They can’t set a preorder form until price is not defined


first they need send demo units to some testers and than pre-order…

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Not if they call it a “deposit” instead of a pre-order. :rofl:

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Yeah - I agree.
Ok, so I would deposit my coupons for later use on the pre order :wink: .
Of course unless it turns out that the review are bad.

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I’m sure they will likely give Backers when the time is right an earlier window to have an opportunity to be amongst the first in line after X backers.