8K-X backers & loaner headset return

Hi everyone.

Thought we should discuss how we’re going to now achieve this week - actually liasing with Pimax (for those backer who wlsh to send our loaner 5K/8K headsets back to Pimax), as this was mentioned in Plan G presentation slide on Pimax Day 2 video as now being a reality, not a fantasy.

To recap, this means we effectively reset everything to how it was at the end of Kickstarter and we still await our 8K-X we originally pledged for in 2017. (Remember, we’ve already paid postage for the ‘final product’ during Kickstarter campaign). This cost was added onto the final pledge.

8K-X backers with 5K+/8K loaner headsets wishing to return, are now in need of clear and concise instructions of how to initiate this return process please.

Will will need to be told by Pimax:

  1. How Pimax pay ‘up to $35’ towards carriage.
  2. Must we use an agreed courier, e.g. DHL/Fedex?
  3. Are there days Pimax warehouse is shut?
  4. Are backer ‘survey’ emails now over? For example this situation could all be sorted by Pimax sending out email questions (to all 8K-X loaner headset backers) asking them what they want to do, as to my knowledge, ‘return loaner headset’ isn’t an option on the Pimax website for 8K-X backers because we aren’t ‘buying’ anything from the store.

Please can anyone let us know what to do next? It would be most appreciated.

Thank you.


Id like to know this as well. We are in the minority and no real information has been given so far.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I thought instead of emailing I’d be ‘bold’ and send a support ‘ticket’ asking this question. I appreciate they will be over loaded at the moment with questions from backers, but hopefully someone will reply with positive news on the next step.

If so, I’ll let you know.

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I sent an email to the north american support about this. I haven’t got a response yet. Im not sure which of the many contacts I should be using…

I’m allso intetested to know what do I have to do…

Hey. Well probably like you guys I got a Kickstarter update yesterday.

It mentioned that for backers who don’t want to keep their headsets, Pimax will supply shipping labels.

So some progress I feel?

Well who knows if and when they will do it. They got 41 days til their self imposed deadline to ship.

I believe this will be achieved for a significant proportion of 8K-X backers as there are ‘only’ 400 headsets that need producing initially.

It would seem realistic to pencil in a tentative 8K-X backer headset completion date between late December into January depending on which backer #, e.g. 0 to 400 one is designated as.

Hopefully we can learn more on Pimax Day 3.

God is there a Piday3?

I just want my 8KX shipper already.

Not sure if you’ve seen this post from Matthew, quite a few answers:

Thanks for that. Where is the helpdesk? Do they mean log into the Pimax Store and click on ‘support’? I always get confused.

Hi. Did you get your ‘backer Email update’? I noticed they added this today, 7th November:

" For 8K X Backers that would NOT like to keep the 8K/5K+ loaner with PLAN G, we will send you a separate email later with the guide on returning the loaner unit.

**** 8K X original Backers can expect the shipping of the backed 8K X unit to start from late December or January 2020. We will send a request for shipping address update before shipping. Please then share to us your latest shipping information.**

Yes, here: https://store.pimaxvr.com/service-center

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Yes I’d just like to send them back the Loaner ASAP so I can get my 8KX ASAP.

Did you spot the standard audio strap has a small (black circular disc shaped integrated headphone) away from the ears and the Deluxe audio strap model (costs $100 more) has proper ear cups hanging down like the competition?

I wonder if we can upgrade the audio strap headphones at a later date to the Deluxe version? I say this as I believe we get the standard headphones as 8K-X backers and the mini standard headphones have no privacy which means you can’t play games without disturbing other house residents, especially at night.

Thank you, I sent a ticket. I imagine they’re inundated with questions at the moment so it might take a week for a reply.

Still no update on return shipping labels. At this point I know that Pimax are going to be using this as an excuse to not ship our 8K-X headsets.

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu

Please can we have an update on how we get our shipping labels for loan units - many of us have opened tickets asking for one and you can probably get a lot of them self cleared by just publishing what the plan is.


I wouldn’t worry now we know the cause of the delay:

Pimax are having to plough through thousands of support tickets with only limited staff available to do this. As long as backers with loaned headsets have sent a support ticket, then that’s all that can be done.

There’s a good few weeks left to ship the loaned headsets back to China.

It’s around month left until first headsets ship (18th December), and these are only the first batch, with others sent out in January or February.

I would imagine in Pimax’s point of view, then in that respect, there is no real urgency to receive loaned headsets back as they actually need the stock of finished 8K-X to send out.

If I recall correctly from watching VR Days livestream with Sweviver, the 8K-X isn’t quite finished yet.

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Shipping to China can take a few weeks. Its nearly end of november already and then you have the busiest shipping time of year coming up adding further delay. They said the backer 8K-X’s would start shipping in December but without even giving us a way to return the loan units they know thats not going to happen - or they are deliberately giving priority to people who pay the fee to keep their loan unit.

They’ve already run out of time to actually follow through on their statements, unless they give us shipping labels this week, or they agree to accept the tracking saying we’ve dropped off the package with the shipper as them having received it.

They sure as hell aren’t going to be paying for express shipping on returns.

I shipped my RMA 5k unit to China Today via UPS. Tracking says that 25th of Nov. should be delivered.