8K X Backer Options

Option 1:

Wait until May to receive your 8K X

Option 2:

Receive an 8K loan unit in Jan/Feb and when the 8k X is released send the 8K loan unit back to Pimax who will send you the 8k X

Option 3:

X backers have the option to keep the 8K loan unit. If they like it they can choose to keep it and Pimax will offer them a $200 coupon for other Pimax products… Retail 8k. 8K X… Controllers etc

  • We will ship any other RETAIL product orders whether its 8K or 8K X after we fulfilled all the Kickstarter packages for our backers.
  • The retail price of 8K or X is not decided, but it will be higher than the Kickstarter price.

Option 4:

X backers can choose to add $499 + shipping cost to their pledge on Kickstarter (NOW) and we will ship the 8K (Jan/Feb) and the 8K X(May) or as soon as possible based on their backer #"

Here are my thoughts on available options:

Pros for exchanging the loan 8K for 8K X

  • Save on shipping costs from China
  • Priority delivery of 8K X based on kickstarter number

Cons for exchanging the loan 8K for 8K X

*Return shipping costs
*Exchange time could take up to a month or more to process with no HMD

Pros for keeping the loan 8K

*No return shipping cost
*No wait time for the exchange process
*$200 cupon to buy the 8K X or other products when available
*Keep your 8K to compare with the 8K X when it arrives. Then keep/sell the HMD you prefer

Cons for keeping the loan 8K

*$200 difference you pay now will be retained as a coupon
*Possible higher price of 8K X retail edition
*Longer wait for 8K X Retail version, Pimax claims it will be available after all Kickstarter rewards have been shipped


Eh, I’m confused. The whole idea with 8K X was that they first ship you the 8k, you return it and then they send you the 8k X, right ? But now you’re saying we need to add $500 ?

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No its still the same we were just discussing alternate options. Those are the options above

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EDIT ah gotcha now

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Im all in for option 2

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Im 90% sure they will open up pre orders on their website in Q1. Advantage of ordering through kickstarter will be priority and price

I thinks that’s the best option if you have the available funds now;) Unfortunately Im going on a five week bloody holiday in Dec

Well, they can always only charge near May !

This would give us time to save anyway.

Probably restricted to kickstarters payment methods

Option 2 is nothing more than an Standard 8K (non full) pledge on top of the 8K X pledge with the added benefit that the Standard 8K will be yours to keep without worry.

Where is the option for after the 8K has arrived?

After the 8k has arrived option?

You wait until May and when the X is ready for shipping you send back the loan 8K for exchange


You keep the 8K loan unit and use the $200 coupon to buy the retail 8K X

later option means no wait for the exchange process without a headset BUT you may have to pay more for the retail X and wait until all kickstarter orders have been shipped

Where is the option for an 8K X backer that would like to test the Standard 8K first and if satisfied, pay to keep it?

The coupon deal is laughable at best and defeats the 8K X pledge when the retail will be priced higher & ship even later, if at all…

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Whole thread can be simplified by:

  1. you can buy additional headset by adding more money to the pledge (since there is no other way to choose 2 packages)
  2. you wont get real cash back, you’ll get coupons (dislike, but i can live with it as i’m definitely not going to refuse the X version)

This info is not really related to X version or new ways to exchange, as for me it’s general information about payments. Therefore it confuses a little, imho.


Fair enough but considering there will likely be no more information for the 8K X before November 3 it’s better that people know the options available

The best situation would be that the X is a proven and tested prototype but right now nobody knows what their getting

I don’t like the idea of paying another $500 bucks and essentially ordering an extra headset. That’s not why I’ve backed the more expensive option. They said they’ll ship the 8K first and upgrade it to the 8K-X once it’s available.

The better option would be:

  1. You get an 8K as soon as possible (Jan/Feb)
  2. You use it
  3. In May, they ask if you want to get an 8K-X and keep the 8K
    4a. if no, they’ll give you an RMA#, you ship the 8K back, wait for the X (still a gamble)
    4b. if yes, you’ll pay $499 extra (for the 8K), you keep the 8K and receive the X

As I have a friend who also owns a Vive but is more cautious about big investments, I could probably sell him the 8K if he can try mine first (between Feb and May), and I could safely upgrade to the X myself.


This is absolutly the best option and the reason why I asked for clarification. The problem would be how they process the payment of that. It would have to be processed outside of kickstarter

They could open up a product listing for an 8K on their web store and give you a discount coupon for the kickstarter price of $499. That would clear ownership of the loan 8K unit and they could then proceed to send you your original 8K X order??

Might be worth suggesting to them

I edited the first post, I also found this thread to be quite confusing

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Thanks. It was originally intended for a few of us discussing alternate options for the exchange

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Just fixed up original post for clarity. Thanks

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This should be the way it is. Everyone backing the X is already putting a lot of faith in PiMax. Shelling out another $500 preemptively without knowing anything about the X seems a little too far out there. I understand this is intended to get the discussion going and it is a great effort. Collecting payment in case one decides to keep the 8K shouldn’t be a problem. At that time there should be a retail version of the 8K, so for everyone who wants to keep their headset AND get the X they pledged for, give them a survey at that time when tbe X is available and give them a coupon to bring the retail price to where it is now in the kickstarter campaign. Problem solved! Unless im missing something here… Not a distribution/sales expert