8K Worldscale in Il2

Interesting observations done with trying to get 1 to 1 world scale in Il2 BoX flight sim. I have an IPD of 66.4 and everything in game seemed small.

I followed suggestions to enlarging worldscale via opening a steamvr consol http://localhost:8998/console/index.html and adding this command to the mix
settings steamvr.ipdOffset -0.015

It made an improvement but on reflection looking at cockpit and outside world items - scale was still on the small side. I changed the steamvr.ipdOffset to -0.02 and things seem much better. n It could probably go a bit larger like 0.022 or something as looking at my seat and remembering not only my narrow a*s but also a parachute has to go there, it still seems a little small. Controls etc look more proportioned, like something you could grab and use with your hands and not fingers. The engine cells of the Pe2 when sitting in the cockpit now look like they house a decent sized engine for hauling me around the sky in. Same with the front of the La5 which houses a large radial engine.

Not sure if others have thought things a little small but give it a go and let me know what you think.:+1::partying_face:

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I had heard that using the SteamVR IPD offset didn’t actually do anything. However, they added that functionality to PiTool 121, so maybe it works through Steam now.:thinking:

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No longer for me do I feel like I am in a flying world made for Hobbits. Interesting that on the Steam discussion a developer stated from their end there is no reduction in world scale for VR. He also stated that the width of the 109 cockpit from canopy side to side at the base is approx 22 to 23 inches. Myself, shoulders are approx 18 inches (actually closer to 19 inches) so this makes sense and the front screen should be sort of near face size in dimensions. It’s still a cramped space but more proportioned.

Also Yak and La5 stick controls and the Pe2 Steering Column look more proportional as do the pedals, seat, switches and other controls. The Engines on the Pe2 at -0.02 for me now look like something that has 1000 or so hp.

I suppose the only real way to quantify such would be with a camera and having a mixed reality overlay where you can introduce real world objects and compare their size to the virtual objects. I wonder if the markings on the hangar floor in Il2 along the side of the aircraft are meter spaced?

For me everything in il2 was a bit too big compared to my lenovo Explorer. With the pimax ipd-offset in the new pitool I was able to correct this successfully.

try not to compare to headsets but to what you know in real world. What was your IPD by the way?

My ipd is 65.5. My pimax software ipd setting (offset) is -0.5 and hardware ipd setting 64.

When you fly a mission in career and land successfully, pulling up after taxiing to an aircraft shelter, do the people walking around look like pygmies?

How do the people in multi engined aircraft look to you - small or around someone who would look 5"8? How about cockpit controls, do they look like you can use them with a hand or just fingers on the stick and the switches, how do they look?

Same with vehicles driving down the road or the villages - I know the village houses were small especially in the countryside, still are in parts of Russia but …

109 wingspan near 10 meters - ruyn out a tape measure at 5 meters, place one end in the middle under your chair then have a look to which ever side the other end stops at - how does that compare in VR looking out over your wings?

I know that people were smaller those days but we are talking 27 to 35 liter V12 engines here bolted to an airframe and those radials were huge. That’s what I’m trying to capture in VR. Makes spotting and Id-ing targets and other aircraft easier too.

Running -2 on PiTool IPD adjustment and then dialing headset back up to 66.4

Looks like something has updated to solve issues and console input as mentioned above now seems not to effect worldscale in Il2 VR.

Have tested PiTool 0.75 and 1 render settings with values of console command varying from 0, -0.015, -0.02, - 0.025
All gave the same image sizing which is nice and seems to be a accurate worldscale. Think it was a SteamVR update that did it. Will let you know if there are any changes but now - happy.