8K with eye tracking = Higher possible resolution?

So hopefully im not asking something already anwsered, but i was wondering if the 8K uses the eyetracking feature. Does it mean that we could acheive higher resolution than the 5K+?

I mean technically, you only need to render where you looking at at high resolution, the rest could be at lower resolution.

So im wondering, if this is the case, then the 8K could end up having higher resolution than the 5K+?


Well three things:

  1. Yes this has been discussed a million times already.
  2. If foveated rendering based on eye tracking works, then it will also work for the 5K+
  3. Games and GPU drivers need to support it

No different to what can be achieved now because there is already a fixed scaler in there, input resolution is fixed so there’s no pushing the res higher than currently capable. The 8K-X is what you’re looking for…


We need to know what can be done to improve the scaler first.

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Step1: not have one!


Step 2 have a video cable capable of pushing 2x4k at 90hz.

Atm DP 1.4 just won’t do. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Upscaling is a great idea to save performance, it will get much better with AI.

I backed the 8K so right now I can only hope that the upscaler will be improved. According to Sweviver the 8K did improve, so we can assume it will only get better.


the DP 1.4 is near its limit with 2x1440p@90Hz
in theory you could lower the refresh to transfer a higher res like @60hz
will not work with 8k as it is now as the scaler in the 8k is fix and can’t adapt to res changes, we asked that pimax last year

also the gains of clarity on the 8k might be just more ss res by default in the pitools when you choose 1.0, what results in a higher gpu demand for the 8k (compared to 5k+ with 1.0 in pitool)

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How about a brainwarp type low res/high res alternating frame?

A full frame low res blurred frame. Then a small high res area where your eye looks after that. All the while the other eye frame is doing the reverse of that

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for one the display is fixed res so you cant use a smaller picture and for the 8k in addition, the scaler is in the way
so thats not even working on the 5k+
maybe with the anx7530 successor chip with integrated scaler, but i’d guess changing res takes time and vr has challenging demands

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I know it’s fixed res. I mean the intermediate frame will be a small detailed part of the scene surrounded by all black. It will use all the bandwidth but the GPU will only focus on that small area, effectively minimizing GPU load so it can do more detail work

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This should be quite possible as I believe this is what FoV options does.

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Exactly. And the big blurred frame could leave a black area open for the high detail frame after it to fill in so light levels stay equal.

Pimax Foveated Brainwarp

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the tread was initially about higher res because the 8k has panels with higher res and using this in any why would be nice
what you talk about is just more oversampling by using fov rendering and oversamplig has its limits as we still stuck with 1440p

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Well the scaler limits possibilities so I was just trying to get to something that might work regardless

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there is also the problem that the 8k panel might be not that superior or 4k-ish
when it really has a pentile like pattern then its just 2/3 subpixels of 4k and that is very close to the subpixel count of native rgb 1440p
i’d really like to see a native 4k lens shot of the 8k-x lab model compared to a 5k+ shot

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Wait & see for yourself if getting both.

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i only backed the 8k (and will get a 5k+) not the 8k-x, even if the 8k-x looks much better, without fov rendering (and games supporting it) or the nvidia gpu from 2020 there will be no fun using 8k-x in games, the framerate will we awful

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Or the nice 2020 Amd gpu. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

So in short, its not possible. Thanks for the feedback.

Still trying to figure out which headset will be the best for me… Matthew seems to say that it may be possible for me to change the headset due to my request to change was way before the change ‘freeze’ but was denied.

Anyhow, im just bought a 2080TI to get the best of my pimax but not sure if its better to go with the 5K+ or the 8K (eternal debate…).

Matthew seems to say that they are planning a lot of improvement on the 8K and that it will become “their flagship product” to take his word.

I even understood that they will work on something to improve the 80Hz framerate.

I though the framerate could not be changed?

Here is his word :

"To be honest, I think RTX 2080TI can be applied to 8K, of course, 8K is not perfect yet. We also need to address issues such as its low refresh rate. With the firmware version updated, I still believe that 8K will be our flagship product.

If you want a better experience at the moment, the 5K+ is a better choice."

Nothing to help out anybody’s decision :slight_smile: