8k+ will not connect with AMD 6700 xt

Upgraded from a 1080ti which worked fine to AMD 6700 xt now whatever I try it always gives me a red light and disconnected plugin HDMI/DP error. Have tried swapping all ports and restarting PC, uninstalling all Pimax software and removing all settings folders nothing works. Has anyone got a AMD 6000 series working here? Thanks

To make things weirder, I can get the headset to turn on with green light but it’s recognised as a secondary monitor and I can see a mouse moving around but still shows disconnected in Pimax!

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Some of the folks in this thread might have some ideas.


If you haven’t try different DP and Usbs as my 5k+ on my 1080ti doesn’t like the same port I use for the 8k and 8kX.

Also check Diagnose in pitool hlp tab.

Thanks, I’ll have a read through. Yes tried both Display ports (other 2 are HDMI) and tried all the USB slots. Opened a ticket anyway, weird cos it works as a normal display except its upside down and flipped in both eyes

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Maybe ping some folks in that Amd 90hz thread as they might have some ideas.

It seems to be reading as a display instead of special display.

You might also need to use a driver uninstall to ensure the 1080ti hasn’t left somethings behind and try a fresh install of pitool.

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Thanks, I tried reinstalling and removing all settings folders and the debug firmware pimax sent me didnt work either. I commented on that thread though thanks for the tip.

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Well it was a simple solution after all, just had to disable my Nvidia card in Device Manager. Won’t be able to mine on that card when in VR now that’s all.


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