8k+ vs 8kx distortions

There are any differences in distortions between 8kx and 8k+? Because sebastian and some other people in CES 2020 said that the new headsets had less distortions. But people that are receiving the 8k+ are saying that are not different from 5k+. So whats happenings. In CES the lens where different or what?


Maybe it’s the MAS that helps with the placement of the headset?

The ones at CES had MAS mounted (all but one I think and that was used for demoing a trailer in Big screen(?)).

The 8K+ units people are receiving only have the comfort kit mounted but not the MAS, right?

I guess they’re two pieces of one puzzle?


IIRC Sweviver said that they where running a newer unreleased pitool version at CES. This might have another distortion profile I think.


… and there’s the third piece of the puzzle… :wink:


Maybe is that. I hope .


interesting info thanks! I was trying different pitools en saw no difference


Should not be any diffrence, same display and same lenses.

remember… I started my post with an IIRC - If I Remember Correctly :slight_smile:
I’m sure I read it yesterday in a thread that got closed :wink:

I would wait for the the next PiTool version to make any judgments regarding if distortion has been improved :smiley:



oh that is a new one for me i thought it was some typing mistake :upside_down_face:


Distortions were decreased by a new profile (oficially), not because of mas.
New pitool isnt required to operate 8k+, but still might be needed to update distortion profiles.


I am always careful with those impression videos because people tend to sound over optimistic. I have demoed the M1 or M2 proto in LA. Everyone was talking great things about the units. I tested it with the Blu encounters and the distortion was a bloody mess. Since then Pimax have mitigated some of of the distortion, but clearly still there


More and more people who are now getting the pimax 8kplus are talking about distortions,so was there anything different on CES?

I can chime in here as I just received my 8k+ today and spent about 3 hours with it running iracing. There are quite a few gains as far as clarity and SDE but the distortion in the distance is actually worse than my 5k plus. That being said. If there is a different version of pitool they ran at CES it would be nice if they would at least let us know, being as we are paying customers starting to receive these headsets?? Perhaps @SweViver can chime in and let us know. For me the last 3 or 4 pitool versions haven’t worked well with my preferred sim so I keep rolling back to .132. I did feel like .254 helped with some of the issues but it isn’t stable and will randomly crash during extended use


I‘ve read this from a couple of users by now. When you roll back, do you make sure to reflash the fw to the one associated with the target version?

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