8k+, scale is bigger than artisan?

I send my 8k+ to my group member, he has pimax artisan.

When compare, he tell that the 8k+ has too big picture, the tile in half-life alyx look bigger. Beat saber has big block.

Anyone found the same result?
Not only one said about this, the old owner of headset ever said the same thing, he tell that why image look too big.


It might not be setup correctly. Try adjusting the hardware IPD.

When I first played Elite D, the scale was also wrong. My arms were too skinny, my hands were too small and far away, and the stars seemed like they were only about 10 m away. I played like that for months, but based on a suggestion on this forum, I tried reducing my hardware IPD, until the scale felt right. I’ve now set it to about 3 mm less than my measured IPD and the 3D effect is much better. My virtual arms & hands are where they should be and the stars seem a lot further away (but still not lightyears away).

At first, I felt a little eyestrain, but that has passed and no longer bothers me at all.


Thank you, I also suspect about IPD.


Or you have PP on for 8k+ not Artisan :slight_smile:


Yeah, tweak ipd and vertical offset.

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