8K Review from AU

I’m coming from a Vive - I was never really happy with it after the initial novelty of VR wore off. I actually didn’t play any VR for over 6 months while I was waiting for the Pimax. I was playing OrbusVR the most - but the bad SDE on the Vive made it very hard to properly make out the difficulty indicators above any mobs. Either attack from afar and hope I was high enough level or get close enough to distinguish the difficulty indicators and run away if too high. Needless to say I was being killed very often - very tedious

My 8K that arrived just over a week ago has totally changed that. (I feel like I was one of the very last backers to get their HMD - but I know they are still a few waiting) I’ve tried the Orbus Reborn beta. (The devs of Orbus are totally revamping the game - to be released April 23 right after this competition closes) I can clearly the difficulty indicators now. The world around is so much clearer!

Now, when the 8K arrived it was not very comfortable for my face. The doubled sided Velcro strips trick fixes that. Also my IPD is right at the lower end and I felt I need one more step the the IPD dial didn’t provide. The new IPD offset in the .121 Pitools fixes that.
I’ve velcro’d some headphones to the headstrap to make a semi-DAS so it’s fairly comfortable. The real DAS when Pimax deliver it will fix that.

If I go large FOV the frames of my glasses create distracting black strips at the edge of my vision. But since it matches the frames of my glasses perfectly, normal FOV fixes that.

I am running with i5-6600k overclocked to 4.4ghz, 1080Ti, 16GB ram. Vivecraft is so clear I can see for miles, I can set render distance way up and it doesn’t become a juddery, nauseating mess. I guess that is brainwarp/smart soothing kicking in. In game FPS counter when looking far away generally says 26/20 (I don’t know what it means with the two numbers for FPS) - Orbus in game FPS was around 35 but feels less smooth. If I set FOV to small FPS jumps to around 62 - but it feels too much like the binoculars vision feeling similar to the Vive. I have not tried any games needing parallel projections yet - if I get the double vision in the Pimax, so far I’ve just moved on to the next game.

Setting the HMD to 64hz I can see a flickering in bright/white scenes. Having the restart service button in Pitools is very handy - I feel like games crash a little more often with the Pimax but now it’s quicker to recover. My PC often closes a game saying Low on Memory for some reason. And it’s a shame we can’t auto power off the lighthouses with the Pimax - have ordered some inline DC switches to semi fix that.

I’m never going back to the Vive tho - the FOV and SDE of the Pimax is what VR should have been to start with. Just need next gen GPU to power it properly!