8k plus shipments?

I know we got an update earlier this month on shipping dates but they were still a tad unclear about when the 8k plus would actually start shipping. Soon after they updated us I heard rumors of users in other countries already receiving their headsets. Can anyone here officially confirm that the 8k plus is shipping?


Robin Weng (the CEO) posted yesterday they will start shipping next week. And yes they already sell them in China and Japan

Hopefully they can put out some real quantity before chinese new year :slight_smile:


The MAS (improved headstrap) is delayed until the end of January, so the initial 8K+ shipments will be sent with the cloth headstrap. The MAS will be shipped at a later date.


do you have link to this thread ? thanks

I read it last night. I’ll find it for you bud when I get a chance to sit down later :slight_smile: Give me a couple of hours


First hit when searching for his username:



I’m so excited. Can’t wait to get mine. If it turns out to be really good, I might also buy the 8KX a few months later when its released.


Got mine a couple of days ago, its amazing. No screen door effect at all, absolutely stunning. Casing is much improved and the new coating feels nice. Comfort, even with the head strap which is hidden in the case, is so much better. Would choose this over my index now.


Could you do a little review?
What games did you tried?

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A review would be nice if it wouldnt trouble you too much. When did you place your order? Also how’s distortion? Never thought I’d see the day someone actually put a pimax over the index. It may not be as clear but being more balanced it achieves better immersion than the 5k plus for example.


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waiting for my 8kx :heart_eyes:


Hello Pal,

If you have any question regarding the shipment, please kindly open a post on this site
Support Forum. Our support team will respond to you ASAP.

Have a nice day.


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do you need better hardware to run it?
I have 5kXR and it runs great but will I need to upgrade if I decide to tradein?

It has the same input resolution so the requirements are the same.

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