8K order received in the UK today

Hi all

Just thought I’d add my ordering experience – I will follow up with some more details shortly when I have time to unbox / compare it against my Pimax 4K.

I’m located in the UK

15th April - ordered 8K unit – order number P124596 – received confirmation email

16th April – 25th April – no contact

26th April – received email from DPD that a parcel delivery was due 29th April

29th April – no delivery from DPD – tracking showed parcel not yet received from sender

30th April – parcel delivered

Throughout the whole process the Pimax order tracking remained blank and my online account showed unfulfilled. 1 hour after the parcel was delivered I received a text message and email from Pimax confirming the parcel had been shipped – also the order tracking site changed to “Shipped out from oversea warehouse” - and my online account changed to “Fulfilled”.

So, I can’t fault Pimax on the speed of delivery it very much exceeded my expectations - thanks Pimax great job! As for the online tracking information – needs work guys!


I ordered an 8k on 10/27/2018 and I’m still waiting … @anon84525399 @mozi @DerekVVV @PimaxUSA @pimax @Pimax-Support … Congratulations !!!

That’s rough Sentenza I hope it turns up soon! I wasn’t trying to gloat with my post, just help those that have still not ordered see the current picture. Personally, I waited until I could see signs of local UK stock before ordering – so I’ve been waiting months too! I had a horrific experience with GearBest when I ordered my 4k a few years back – lesson learned.

I had a quick test of it last night, no issues, cracks, dead pixels, or cable issues – very impressed with the quality of the whole package / product (well done Pimax Team!).

Something I need to feedback now to Pimax – regarding the outer packaging used to send the product – I would suggest making it more ‘plain’. Currently there is lots of branding and stickers which make it very obvious what is inside. With this product being high value and hard to get hold of in some areas, this makes it a very tempting target for theft (not that I’m saying all delivery companies are dodgy of course – DPD did a fine job here in the UK).

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Sweet, good to read. I ordered a 5k+ on the 20th April and in all honesty was expecting a July delivery at best. Still might be the case but nice to know I’m in with a shot at earlier.

I also ordered a 5k+ on April 20th (to US). Still shown as unfulfilled 18 days later. Fingers crossed :stuck_out_tongue:

We have two shipments arriving into the US one on Monday (already through customs) and another the following Tuesday. If you contact our local office we are happy to check it for you.


Looks like you have a better chance with a ‘local’ support branch. I’m in Australia so not expecting it any time soon. In no great rush anyways.

Just got notification from FedEx today. Delivery will be by Monday 20/5. Handed off from Pimax 10/5. Can’t complain. I live 1500kms from the nearest capital city so 10 days from HK is pretty good.
My order number is P1246XX if that helps anyone else gauge where they are at in all this.


Just got mine today from UPS :grinning:
Good thing I’m registered with UPS, as otherwise I wouldn’t have known this delivery was coming.