8k News Embargo ON

So, forum is daying when no news and waiting for 8K Embargo OFF reminds me this old school movie : Embargo on - YouTube :slight_smile:

boring and quiet now

Yep, it was sooooooo much better when full of BS posts…

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It truly doesn’t need to be. Surely we can find a great many things to discuss without needing bickering & such to be entertained.

A spark can be an out of control inferno or a calming gathering around a camp fire.


We need the problems

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Okay I will get my old Mathbooks out. Lol


Hmm :thinking: should I bring an apple :green_apple: lol

The problems are potentially still there, just hidden behind a curtain :wink:


I do perhaps have some ideas…

True or False

On US interstate highways, one mile in every five has to be straight so that these sections csn be used as runways in an emergency.


Im in uk :uk: and widest road for aroun 10mile long is part of the m25 and it is covered in street lights so very small planes only. Mostly used by air ambulance helicopters

I drove from Ontario, Canada down to Key West Florida on US 1 which is almost a straight line north to south, plenty of room to land a 767 lol.

How come two of the testers got their pimax almost 4-5 days and yet the others STILL haven’t…? Don’t understand why it’s taking this long :sob:


False: One Mile in Five: Debunking The Myth | FHWA

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Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I already shut up, now.


Both were sent or routed through Germany I think

We Germans know how to deliver!

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As suggested by @SweViver i am watching documentaries about UFO and flat earth :eyes::earth_africa:
it does help a bit lol


Or most international air freight from China to EU just happens to be sent to the middle of europe lol
and customs just wave the stuff through (we hope)

Import tax and vat somewhere around £100-£120 for UK I guess for the 5k headset ($379)

Lots of E3 stuff appearing now , new skyrim edition lol

that was skyrim when I watched it honest