8k is Here! Only 21 days to U.S. Not as Bad as I feared

It’s real and not just a dream!

I realize this is not so much a topic, but I wanted to get the word out because of my other post regarding shipping to the backers in the U.S. and want to announce.

I’m happy to finally report that my 8k has arrived and is sitting right next to me at this moment while writing this.

Brief history

9-19-2017 backed Pimax 8k and Pimax 8kX

9-18-2018 received shipping address confirmation email.

10-10-2018 received tracking number

10-31-2018 picked up at post office after receiving phone call

And know I’m spending the afternoon trying to set this thing up! Very Happy about receiving my Pimax 8k! :relaxed:

The accumulation of goods seems on the China origination side to have been the hold up causing the delay once finally cleared it arrived in the U.S. and went through customs very quickly arriving within a few days. So for the other U.S. backers once receiving their tracking numbers, I would expect to have an even faster delivery time.

Happy Halloween!


Totally happy for you! Well not totally, I’m a bit jealous that you got your headset over a month before me when you must’ve backed minutes before I did (KS announcement email came in at 12:09, I backed at 12:41 on 19 Sep 17) =/. On the whole, though, great news and very happy for you!


I wouldn’t jump the gun. There’s been a deficit in 5k+ shipping.
Glad for you though!


I know there still are as of yet unresolved issues for others of course in regards to shipping with the 5k+ and so I didn’t say or even want to suggest all shipping issues are resolved. Only wanted to share info to the other U.S backers that Pimax is real at least when you do finally receive it and that once you do finally receive your tracking number things should move faster than what I experienced. I hope that you receive your Pimax soon. It is truly a relief before today I honestly at times thought I would never really receive a Wide Field of View HMD it was just a dream or my imagination. Well that dream has just become a reality for me today I’m happy to report. :heart_eyes:


Thanks! I still don’t know how @SweViver became backer number two his phone was on speed dial or inside information or something and glad for him for sure, that headset should be worth a fortune to a collector in the future. :mag:


Congrats! Glad your up & running :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Thanks Heliosurge for the new emblem! :champagne:


Can you tell me what number you are?

Because of a possible security issue involving my Kickstarter account I can’t give you that information. Best I can say it is below 100.