8K is coming to Toronto, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and New York!


To schedule an 8K demo, please sign up here.

Toronto - Immersed

Dates: 19th - 20th October

Location: Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada

San Francisco - SFVR360

Dates: 6PM - 10PM PDT 20th October

Location: River Ecosystem, 1062 Folsom Street, #Suite 301, San Francisco

(Limited spots)

Amsterdam - VR Days

Dates: 26th - 27th October

Location: Basecamp Zone, De Kromhouthal, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231 1021 KP Amsterdam

New York - NYVR

Dates: 27th - 28th October

Location: booth #412, Jacob Javits Center, New York City

Question…Will any of these demos feature the newest production model?

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I’m not sure, they said in their AMA:

We will update the information after the new prototype ready on 20th-24th.

Kinda confusing if that means the new prototype will be ready for public viewing between the 20th - 24th, or if it means it might be ready some time in those days :S

Hopefully it’s the former and they will be shown at Toronto and San Francisco on the 20th.

Pimax, please could you tell us? :slight_smile:

@Matthew.Xu said the prototype would be ready THIS week. Not sure if that means it will be shown on this tour though.


If you are demonstrating the final prototype on this road show you will likely push the kickstarter to 3-5 million!

Very important its the new one!! :wink:

Hey Pimax Team,

I’m Juan with loftVR Arcade located in a 4,000 Sq. Ft. Art Gallery in Miami, FL. I’m reaching out to see if there is interest in hosting an event at our location for your team to showcase the Pimax VR lineup. We have one of the largest art shows coming soon in December called Art Basel whose lead partner is UBS and it would be interesting to showcase the state of the art VR equipment in a VR show to the guests of the Art Basel Week in Miami.


@heliosurge Can you do us all a solid and check it out?

Dates: 19th - 20th October

Location: Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada

Take a notepad :wink:


@PimaxVR I’m having trouble entering my information into that link you provided from mailchimps. Every time I fill out ALL the questions and I go to submit it, it keeps telling me to add a URL to “my favorite game and or website” even though I did! I even changed that entire line to included just Pimax’s URL but it still wont accept it. Can you please look into that! I’m already registered for the NYVR next week and I really would like to demo the system.


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I will look into going & will post details once I confirm

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Man I wish I could go but it’s a 7 hour drive from where I live :cry:

7hours, go for IT!

road trip VR baby

do something crazy once a while, add some experience to your life.

Tell a story in the future.

Once upon a time i drove…


This reminds me of my own personal dilemma when they came to Japan a few weeks ago… Exactly a 7 hour drive from my place… I think the biggest barrier for me was that it was on a weekday, so I would have had to taken off work (which is difficult).

But since they are now supposed to be showing V3 prototype it does sound very appealing…More reviews the better… So…go for ittttt!

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Hahaha love you guys!

But really I think Heliosurge will be going and he’ll be a MUCH better judge of technical stuff! My reviews would mostly consist of technical terms such as “it was awesome” or “it kinda sucked” .

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Plus Heliosurge will most likely get the VIP dinner with the CEO :wink:

Awesome! Im coming to Amsterdam for the VR Days :blush:


I will be attending Immersed in Toronto on 19th & 20th.


You should offer to do some demo work for them!! Get to know Robin. Private message xunshu :slight_smile:

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Great SweViver another Cool guy You tube content provider! Definitely will look forward to your review of the Pimax 8k in the future.

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Hello Pimax Staff, I’m really sad because to get to Toronto the ticket is $ CA 600 to enter at Immersed , I call them to explain it’s just to go PIMAX stand but impossible to enter . … Is it possible to test another place for example tomorow in the end of evening ? @deletedpimaxrep1 (or come to Montreal :slight_smile: )

Hi Max good question. Add @deletedpimaxrep1 to your post. She is organising the events

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