8K choice means waiting

I kinda saw this happening seeing they haven’t produced zero 8K for weeks now.
It still makes me sad because we got told all is fine with 8K.
Now I see my headset is arriving in shanghai at 18.1.
Even some of the last backers are listed for January 7th. My bet is those are 5K+.

Backer numbers don’t mean much at all when looking at the spreadsheet.

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Well don’t feel too bad cause it’s happening to people with 5k+ too

Then it makes no sense at all. It’s completely random. I am not living at some remote island or something either.


There should be mention of 8k units being produced in either this or the next production update.

Now 49xx backers in germany recieve their headsets (reddit).
My survey was complete and confirmed from start. My headset will arrive in February earliest ifd that messed up spreadsheet is right.

I am not amused.

same here… some backer 7xxx become it early than me (369x)


What ?! Bakers 7xxx are getting their headsets while my 8K is only scheduled to be arriving in Shanghai at 18.1 and i’m backer 998 ?!!!

Have we been forgotten ?! What’s going on ?

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Yep that is happening. This is why pimax are in quiet mode again. Next fu** up.
They just can’t get it right.

Check it out: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/ae5nc3/backer_4151_comfirmed_for_reception/

But that person does not specify if it’s an 8K or 5K+. I believe this will make a difference. Pimax could be waiting to process more 8K’s to your country before sending out the shipment batch. I am backer 39** and waiting on an 8K.

Edit: Yes two people in that thread confirmed 5K+ including the OP. So I guess my assessment might have some truth behind it.

Only silence and endless delays. That’s very worrying and upsetting ! Ice on the cake: i haven’t got any reply to my e-mails for more than 1 month now. No update, no traking number, no information. Nothing.

What’s your backer’s number Thoemse ?

Yes I would like to know if somehow they have not received the survey of 8K backers only…

20 charachters


He is not far from me. I wonder if he can hear me raging. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m 712*, and I replied to all 3! Surveys. Why does it say I didn’t? Can someone please explain? Thank you

It may help if you open a ticken and post your ticket number in the forums mentioning @anon74848233 in it.

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What would that do? Honestly dont know

Just trying to give you some options to get their attention

Thanks. I think I skip it. They will only give me grief.
I think I want to sell my 999$ pledge.