6m Fibre Optic cable, snow in image and no 90Hz

Hi, I have just received my 6m fibre optic cable for my 8kx and I’m having some issues.

The image now has a snow type affect on it and I can only run 60Hz and 75Hz. If I select 90Hhz the headset just stays perfect black with no backlight.

I have tried reseating the cable at both ends (many times) to no affect and tried all 3 DP ports on my AORUS RTX 3090 Waterforce WB. Any suggestions welcome.


Update: I have put the original 8kx cable back in and I now have 90hz again and ZERO snow affect.

What should i do, RMA the cable?

Hi HuDz:
Sorry for the bad experience.We suggest you to submit ticket and allows our technician to diagnose it.

I just received and installed the 6m optical yesterday on my 8K-X/3080 Ti and have exactly this same issue. It functions not at all at 90hz mode, and even at 75hz it has a random smattering of overly bright pixels. Reinstalled my original cable and all is good again.

Was this cable designed before the 90hz mode was implemented? If so, it really needs to be stated in the documentation that this is for 75hz and 60hz mode only.

I’ve already initiated an Amazon return on the cable; I just don’t currently have time to deal with these types of issues.

I contacted support as @hammerhead_gal suggested and they are sending me a replacement cable. However talking to people on reddit I’m worried that the replacement cable is going to have the exact same issue.

May end up having to use extensions and DisplayPort repeaters which also sounds like a minefield of mixed results…

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@HuDz Maybe just easier to move the PC? I’ve managed to get mine situated where the cable is plenty long enough for my 8x10ish play area while still being out of the way. It can also be switched around to reach my seated racing sim configuration without issue. It was a matter of placing the PC up on the desk, which allowed about 2 more usable feet of cable at the HMD end because the PC was elevated. I’ve since rearranged things again and have managed a config where the PC is back on the floor, but ultimately lifting the PC was a super-useful way of adding cable length where I needed it at the time.

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