60$ on top of the 179$ pice for valve controllers

Hello why i have to pay 60$ on top of the updateprice for the valve controllers. It makes no difference in transport sword ore index controller need a box.
How long i have to wait until i get my basestations? Maybe 31.12.2019? Because this date ends the updateprogramm? I don´t want wait so long. What can i do to get my basestation as soon as possible. Ps. Are the tax for germany import inclusive the price ?


Out of stock? Why i can not order?

Wondering the same, just wanted to order after finally Plan F appeared… out of stock :grimacing:

Pimax actually believes that the supporters should pay several times because of their inability to pay the shipping costs just because they are not able to ship your products in one shipment. What shoud that? I feel more than fooled as a backer. This company is not able to publish anything on its website or online shop without it appearing full of mistakes or ambiguities. Plan F was online then 5 minutes later, the article was no longer available. What shoud that? How many index controllers did you order 3 or even 4. What do they actually think?

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This entire thing is turning into a s%$tshow.

You know what ? Screw pimax. I’m not giving them another dollar. They can ship me the lighthouses and correct audio strap and glasses inserts as promised on their dime and I’ll just buy the index controller directly from valve.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get a sword controller next year, but I’m really starting to think these things are totally vaporware.

Yes I’m upset about the state of things.


I order also my index directly from valve. If i count all together 180$ update + 60 $ shipping + import tax from my country maybe another 40$ . That is not much away from the price from steam but with garanty and quick shipping. I have no trust at all in this company and maybe all my money is lost by a insolvent. I make also a cut.


I would recommend you all forget the pimax over inflated index controller price & buy from valve.
The extra you have to pay is so close to valves full price its not worth it.
I believe valve have tax & shipping included in the price.
I had to send mine back for the joystick issue & the whole thing was easy & took 1 week from uk, so valve seem easy to deal with for problems.
Take your basestations from pimax, spend the tiny bit extra direct with valve for peace of mind & hopefully next year you will also get the sword from pimax.


Sounds actually like a plan, unfortunately this means we have to wait longer for the base stations, and i dont have one yet.
Though, selling a base station 2 should not be hard.

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Yes we will wait longer for the basestations. we expect from this company nothing else from day to day, year to year. Everything takes 1000 X longer then somewere also forward then back then other direction.

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That’s excactly my thoughts on the controllers. Beside all the things you stated, imagine having a problem/ warranty thing and then have to deal with Pimax’s ticket system (constantly losing information and waiting for replies/actions) and also shipping from and to China. Not in the universe i want to think about that.


So i just did this, i ordered the index controllers and one base station via steam, i will sell what i don’t need when the pimax stuff arrives.
Interestingly i did not have to pay any shipping costs :thinking:


The shipping costs for valve index products are in fact free, why should we buy the controllers from pimax and pay also 60 dollars for shipping costs?


and wait and wait and wait and wait
and wait one more, and wait one more,
and then look there is new option a b c d e f g and wait
wait wait look payday 3 option h i j k l


Just out of curiosity, I tried to quote Index controllers on Steam shop, it was 299 EUR, the shipping and the tax included. There was however another point I realized. In Europe (EU) there is a 2-year warranty, mandated by the law, and while Valve has a special “Limited warranty” policy specified when you buy Index (Steam Support :: Valve Hardware Warranty), this policy also explicitly says that it does not apply to you “entirely”, if you live in the EU.

Which makes an interesting point. Pimax claims they are selling the headsets with 1-year warranty, which is legally not possible in the EU. I am not sure if anyone will succeed to claim the 2-year warranty according to the European law at Pimax China, but once they open an operation in the EU they will be legally bound to respect that too.

Right now however, it seems that 2-year warranty from Valve gives a small incentive for buying from Valve.


I order also now from valve direct. I don´t want to wait any longer and believe not longer on a shipping before 2020. They told us so much.


Why would we wait longer for the base stations? Are they not going to start shipping these out to backers in the next few weeks? I want to wait until I get my base stations before I spend more money because I don’t want to buy Index controllers that won’t work with just the headset by itself…

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Haha, the great pimax cash grab. Bulk buy and bulk ship controllers for significantly less than retail price, then charge us US$100 more than retail and add US$60 in shipping even though we already paid for shipping of controllers and tell us what a great deal it is.
And then wait 2 more years for them and watch them blame Valve for it all.
Definitely buy direct from Valve.


Yup, this seems to be pimax’s game with backers. They already have our money so the plan seems to be how can we make the most profit of them since they can’t get the money they already gave us back.
Hence the backer downgrade debacle

Something to think about: From us the full backer package price is $479 and these are directly from the factory the latest version of the index controllers *without the joystick clicking issue. From them which build batch matters a lot.

From Valve in the US you pay $579 (i.e. $100 more) and in the EU it’s 599 euro (or $669 USD). So the base price from us is a whopping $190 less in the EU and $100 less in the US.


??? The index controllers from valve are $279 with free shipping in the US

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