5k xr picture jittering if game fps is lower than headset fps setting

Anyone else have stutters if the set fps in the headset isnt matched or exceeded by the in game fps?


I dont know what you mean but isnt stuttering normal when the fps are lower and how does the HMD exceed the ingame fps? thats not possible?!

please read the question again as that’s not what was asked


I believe he means when the game fps is less than set refresh rate.

Your question is a bit awkward to understand. Please check my post above and let us know if I have understand it correctly. As a game can generate more Frames than a refresh rate but should not cause any issues as it only displays max refresh rate on screen(s)

you are correct , sorry if my question was confusing . now if there were alternative fps settings in the headset i think that would solve this

ie a 30 or 40 or 50 fps setting that would be great or even just a 60 fps setting anyone know why 64 was set as the lower limit on the 5kxr?


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I don’t know why 64hz was set as min. Iirc though the other headsets min was 60hz.

Have you tried using Smart Smoothing setting in pitool? It may help as it can boost lower frame rates by reprojection methods.

Iirc @TheIronWolf also has tue 5kXR and may have some ideas.

If you could also post your system specs aa it can help with suggestions.

Depending on the game OpenFSR may work to boost fps.

sorry folks I’ve nothing much to say here other than obvious things. I don’t notice any stuttering if game puts out FPS close to HMD hz setting, but if it is much lower (say 47-45FPS) stuttering gets really bad. I miss quality smoothing implenentation with Pimax (their smoothing produces really bad artifacts in racing games I use).

I think 64 and 82 settings are because OLED displays have different refresh timings vs LCD ones.

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Have you tried Fholger’s OpenFSR?

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No, but this sounds like solution for image sharpening, is there any ASW-like capability in it?

Not that I am aware of. You can do a kind of Fixed Foveate Rendering with it.

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Here is a link

The Amd FSR also works on Nvidia Gpus

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smart smoothing isnt fit for purpose imo too wobbily on thing like rotor blades/shadows

system specs

i9 9900k
rtx 3090ti
maximus xi gene mobo
64 gig corsair vengence ram
2 x m.2 (no spinney drives)
1000w evga psu

Then try Fholger’s OpenGSR/NIS

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