5K XR blurry with head movement

Finally got the base station but the picture blurs during movement… something stupid?

I believe you are referring to the black smear, which is a downside of the OLED displays used in XR.

You can adjust black level in Pitool, pure black has the most “smear”, “low black” has the least, if any. I found “balanced” to be good enough and “pure black” is fine in light environments.

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The black smear can be eliminated in Pitools on the black level options. He probably mean actual slight blurriness. I know because i can see some on my XR unit

Are you very sensitive to refresh rates? My 5K XR has only 82 Hz and I can see the images blurring with fast head movements. I can see this blurring also with 90 Hz on other headsets but less noticeable.

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I have an Oculus Rift S as well, it doesn’t do this at all. When I turn my head in DCS in the rift S, the letters are clear. In the 5k I can’t read the lettering unless I completely stop moving.

I will check this tomorrow. Thank you.

The rift S is not an OLED but an LCD. The 5k+ is an LCD as well, with great persistence and no smearing, better clarity. The blacks and colors are not very good though, which is why the XR is a cool option.

The quest is also OLED, and it has the worst smearing I’ve ever seen in a headset. It blurs non blacks too, somehow. Sadly I think they revised their panels at oculus, because my first that I RMAd had like no noticeable blur, but it’s very prominent with the new unit I got.

Having adjustable black levels is excellent, really there’s nothing more Pimax can do - raise the black level until it’s not annoying. I find white text with black borders to be the worst offender on my quest so use that as a test. But I will say that I never noticed this at ALL with my vive. I believe they had true blacks disabled on the vive due to smearing.

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Just out of curiosity, when did you get the new one? I bought Quest for Christmas in EU store and never had a problem with smearing (I mean it was probably there but did not bother me in games), but I had a perfect black black.

Friend of mine got Quest two weeks ago from US stock (probably one of the very first after they were restocked) and had very visible gray grain pattern even on the supposedly black screens (like when the headset is booting with Oculus logo, or with the battery when recharging), which is visible even in Oculus Home and is more distracting than the SDE.

I suggested to him to RMA the headset, but I am afraid they as well may be “new” panels Oculus sourced during the pandemic :expressionless:.

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Recieved it maybe 3 weeks ago. It died in late March (one screen went black, then green and would flicker like crazy. I had overheating issues and I think the internal fan never worked haha). Got it in April. I had perfect blacks on my original one with no smearing.

Oddly though I think they know this is an issue, I updated to v16 and it’s way way way better. Still a thing, but it’d have to be a super high contrast scene to be bothered. V15 I was considering an RMA. I found threads of people with this issue dating years back unfortunately, so it’s not only a pandemic related issue. As much as pimax pisses me off with the silent revisions, even the big boys do it. My strap is way better on this quest for example.

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BTW, not to double post but I figured I should update my comments - I do not have that gray grain pattern on anything but gray colors. Blacks are perfect blacks, yes there is smearing, but to me totally acceptable. I’d RMA that quest.

What I DO have, for whatever reason, when I start a new app, the backlight seems to come totally off on the left screen (super black) but it stays on in the right for whatever reason, giving a somewhat gray effect (if both eyes had the backlight you’d call it black, not gray). This goes away the second the app boots, and at that point black levels are identical eye to eye.

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A 120 Hz OLED with low-persistence (50% or better) should be pretty decent in terms of blur / smear.

Is the 5K XR low-persistence? In other words, does it do a rolling scan or have some black period between frames? If not, that would explain it. I have a OnePlus 8 Pro and tried Google Cardboard and it’s way blurrier than my Rift. Apparently the Rift CV1 has 2ms persistence and the S is a bit better.

Just checked: The specs of the 5K XR don’t mention the OLEDs are low-persistence. No conclusive, but worrisome. Pimax people know about persistence blur, right?

They should, there are displays the same used on other headsets. Pimax is focusing on other headsets and not doing anything to the XR

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