(5k+) Tracking Received, Backer #44 from U.S (Updated: First Impression)

EMS Tracking Received, will keep everyone posted on delivery, good luck to everyone else.


Got mine too, backer number 31, tracking received!


Nice, good for you, very exciting!

Moar info please! How’s it going?

EMS Tracking isn’t showing anything yet, they probably just started the process, but I’d imagine by tonight it will start to give more info.

Maybe their previous EMS US bound shipments are stuck in Customs.

No way they would continue with EMS for the US without assurance/insurance.

8K X (Full)
Loaner 8K
Destination: USA

Usually when my package(s) make it to PA they arrive within two days.


You just gave me hope. My tracking screen looked like yours, it is missing the update stateside but the China statuses looked the same and I was getting nervous that mine was lost.

At least seeing that one of them made it stateside gives me a little hope.

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Good to see some progress in the shipping department to the US. It is however sadly looking like people in the US will be last to get their headsets. Referencing the backer spreadsheet, US backers should expect to have to wait up to 35-45 days to get their headsets from the time they get their choice email.

I still can’t get anything to show up with my tracking, just that a label was created, but not yet in the system

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Received my 5K, 8 days from receiving tracking email to today. NY/USA destination for those that are wondering about lead time.


let us know your impressions please…


Will do, I’m coming from a vive pro, and powered by a 1080ti - just might be a few days, have a busy week.

First thing I did when I opened the box was to push the connection in on the headset, and sure enough it clicked in further. I’d recommend everyone make a mental note to do this before you forget and drive yourself nuts!


So some quick first impressions:

Let me start by saying I went into this (the initial impression) with realistic expectations. So, what I mean by realistic is the acceptance of the general knowledge I have about the 5K from reading the forums and all the testers videos/reviews. In other words, I summarized in my mind that it’s not perfect, it will have it’s strong points, and it’s drawbacks because of target price point and current tech limits. The greatest asset to the 5/8K is the field of view, so most importantly to me, I didn’t want to over-hype myself for the first experience - only to be let down. I’m glad I didn’t over-hype…

Coming from Vive Pro the first thing I definitely noticed was the difference in color saturation and brightness. I wouldn’t let this discourage anyone though because over time you adjust to the lack there of. Remember that field of view…? That’s why the color/brightness becomes less of an issue. I took a moment right after this first impression to take in the default middle-FOV-setting to really appreciate the openness of the experience. This is not in game, just Pimax’s default space-scene. Moving my head around, I noticed the stretching on the sides… folks this is the reality of the current generation - and it’s not that bad. It’s there and you can choose to obsess over it, or you can focus on the game/experience itself and the stretching seems to fade (almost) away in your mind. I would relate it to the way one would ignore the screen door effect. Once in this state of mind, the experience most definitely sets itself apart from the previous generation hardware. It just feels more natural to look around.

Screen door effect: I understand this is an immersion killer for some, but like I mentioned earlier, if you focus on what your trying to do in the display and not the short comings of it, then it fades in your mind. This, at least, is my way of dealing with it. I’m not suggesting to kid yourself, but rather take in the experience of the content you’re playing/using. On a technical level the screen door effect is there, you have to look for it. Maybe some are more sensitive, I don’t wear glasses, but I have to look for it. I can see it, and I’d say it’s there but a little less apparent than the Vive pro - and that includes doing the lens mod/swap. (which helped the vive)

God-rays, and Ghosting: No ghosting, and very minor god-rays, nothing beyond what’s to be expected with the type of lenses used. There is some light bleed through the nose, this can be correct eventually by pimax, maybe a user mod, or see My growing-a-mustache suggestion in another post :slight_smile:

Setup/Tracking: So why mention last? Well fortunately setup wasn’t an issue for me. For those that were psyched to get their Pimax up and running, only to hit wall after wall of issues, I feel your pain. I went through this with my vive. If I can add, I am plugged into a separate pci-x usb card, and not my 1 year old Asus motherboard’s usb. This was my last resort to get my Vive working and it solved several setup issues. I can only assume that is why the Pitool 1.84 setup went smoothly. It took me longer to download Pitool! (for whatever reason). Tracking is great, no issues… yet… but it’s great, I’m happy. I’m using the 2.0’s from my Vive pro.

I played a few games/experiences briefly like Skyrim, The Blue, Google Earth. Couldn’t get a few to work, but I haven’t dove into settings yet. Overall, at this point, I’m satisfied because it’s what I expected. If I had to sum it up I’d say it’s not “cutting edge” but definitely the next step in VR. I wouldn’t call it officially next generation VR, rather I like to think of the 5K as just being on the verge of next-gen. It’s so close…! and that’s not by any means a failure. Pimax is giving us a preview into what’s to come and I gladly accept it… because it’s good enough to enjoy in it’s infancy. For those that are still waiting, you are getting something special that I believe you will enjoy.


Nice write-up. I like your outlook and it reminds me that there is little satisfaction to be found in the pursuit of perfection because you often forget to enjoy the journey.


Thanks! I’m no saint, but I think it’s the best way to view progress. Pimax did it to themselves with hype. People got on board and I think expectations were for something that is another 2 years away. With all respect, people have to get over that. I for one am happy with what is available at the moment because that’s just it, a moment. It will get better, but for now it’s pretty good stuff.


Thank you for the review. Can you please compare a little bit more vs your vive pro? Do you think you will still use your vive pro? (not at all / still in some games because of…). Any reason to still buy the vive pro instead of pimax (at the same price)?

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Hi Qwer, Assuming I don’t have any mechanical/physical issues in the near future with the Pimax, I will be selling the Vive pro. The vive’s oled screens are really nice, and the lens mod really steps up the sweet spot among other things. But, like I’m sure you’ve read or seen from others with both to compare, there is a difference between going back and for seeing the difference in color/contrast/brightness, and going back and forth with the Field of View. To me it’s no contest. I would give up the oled screen for field of view after comparing both.

The vive is refined, it’s finished product and physically feels solid. (Don’t hate me if yours broke) The 5K is a little rough, nothing bad just doesn’t have that panache, but it’s close. I love the lit chevron in the front (just my opinion) It was packed well and all that sort of thing. I only spent a few hours with the 5k last night and so I don’t want to draw too many conclusions. I had a little pain-point pressure on the top of my head from the strap, but I had my headphones on as well and they were adding pressure. I plan on doing the vive deluxe audio mod, and eventually using the pimax pro strap when it ships. So that’s a tough comparison at the moment.

Will report more later…


Very nice balanced write up. Sounds like about what I expect a definite improvement over what I have now with some compromises. Getting rid of the binocular effect is huge to me.


Great review from a Vive Pro user! I’m also coming from Vive Pro and will be testing my 5k+ in 2 weeks. So what’s your opinion in terms of SDE when compared to Vive Pro? Sebastian said they’re nearly identical, yet Sweviver said the 5k+ SDE is noticeable better. What’s your experience?

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