5K Super ,120hz Large Fov

Is this possible in any way, i can do it on 90 thou, any config to do this ? the pi tool does not seem to support it.

No, it can’t. This was a major reason why I upgraded to the 8KX. The 8KX (2075) was able to do upscaled mode (equivalent to 5K Super) at 110Hz in Large FOV. Whereas the 5K Super was limited to 90Hz in Large FOV.

The other main reason I didn’t keep the 5K Super was that it had considerably worse screen door effect (SDE) than the Index despite having similar PPD.

I didn’t end up actually running upscaled mode on the 8KX for very long though. I soon discovered that 90Hz native video quality was so much better than 110Hz upscaled that, despite how much I favor high FPS, I switched to using native mode anyway.

On the 5K Super, I was running rendering resolution of 3412x2104. I found that running the same resolution on 8KX upscaled mode looked better than the 5K Super (mostly because of the removal of SDE) and at 110Hz rather than 90Hz. But then I discovered that still running the same rendering resolution looked a lot better in native mode at 90Hz.

Whereas what I originally expected was that native mode would only look better for its ability to run higher rendering resolution. The surprise was that even at the same rendering resolution, the 8KX native mode was substantially better.

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Thank you !