5k+ Screens Flash Fully White Intermittantly after adding Vive 2.0 Base Stations

My 5K+ view drifts a bit after a while (as expected) so I added a couple of Vive 2.0 Base Stations. (I actually bought a full Vive Pro Kit so this likely qualifies for the moste expensive Pimax accessory ever).

After adding the base stations, I am now seeing intermittant white flashes on the HMD. Sometimes these are as close together as 5 seconds, sometimes as far apart as a couple of minutes. Both screens flash fully white at the same time just like a flash bulb is going off. Its not a single white frame, it kind of brightens in a couple of frames and then goes away in a couple of frames. I’m guessing about 1/2 second in duration. This isn’t a dropped frame or something, it appears to be generated on purpose and its not software specific. I have seen it in Elite Dangerous as well as the SteamVR Home app.

Because it appears to be on purpose (not a glitch), I was guessing maybe it was some kind of alert about losing sight of a station or maybe a safety warning about nearing the edge of my play space but I don’t think either of those are true. I have double checked a clear view to the base stations and I only use my VR in a seated position.

This all just started after I added the Base Stations. If I turn off Lighthouse tracking (in PiTool) the problem seems to go away.

I can find no relevant info about this via searching with Google or the Pimax Forums.

Anyone know what this might be?

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Sounds like you’re losing tracking every now and then, my Vive does this too if it loses sight of both base stations (goes grey though). Try positioning one of the lighthouses directly in front of you so that you’re always facing one and see if tracking improves.

@Sjef has a vive pro with a 5k+ & may know something on this.

I agree with SWAT. I think your hmd is loosing tracking. Have you mounted the base stations high on the wall ? so there is no obstruction to the headset and try to remove any reflective objects in the play space cover mirrors tv etc. anything with reflective surfaces. Also make sure that the LH are not touching anything such as the wall they vibrate enough that when touching something that also will through off tracking. You can also test tracking simply by covering the sensors on the hmd with your hand which will also block your tracking and you will get the same effect you are experiencing with loss of tracking and temporary grey screen.

edit; what i mean by not having the LH touching anything is obviously like mine they will be mounted to the wall but if mounted in the corner the sides can sometimes come in contact with the wall, just to clarify.

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I think the vibration issues only affected the v1 lighthouses as they used a rotating mirror to scatter the tracking laser. If memory serves the v2 lighthouses have done away with the laser and mirror.

The most frequent reason for me losing tracking is when one of the cats pushes my door open and it blocks the lighthouse. Gotta love the little @$&%ards :grin:.

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The 2.0 version still uses laser sweeping for tracking data only the V. 1.0 had two cylinders instead of one. So less vibration. I enjoy my parents cats when I’m visiting but thats as far as I’ll go. Do you have a tracker mount for you cat. I saw where Sweviver is fond of his cat as well wouldn’t want anything to happen to them. Could see where something like playing Gorn or some other active experience could be pretty dangerous. Anyway I hope that OP gets his tracking problem solved.

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How have you not stepped on one of them yet?

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I mostly play Elite seated so it’s not usually a problem, any other time I’ll close the door to stop them getting in at all.


Please remove all the usb or hdmi ports of vive when you use pimax.

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I found out what the problem was. It took a bunch of research and is not very well documented. Pimax customers should be aware of this particularly because many may be moving from an Oculus Rift installation!

I had an Oculus Rift before my 5k+ arrived. When I set up my Vive 2.0 Lighthouses I simply repleced the Oculus sensors on my desk with the Lighthouses. This effectively is what caused the problem. Vive Lighthouses are NOT positioned and oriented the same way as the Oculus sensors! Vive Lighthouses want to be further apart and directly face each other so they can synchronize. Oculus sensors do not need to face each other.

I believe the white flash was SteamVR telling me there was some sort of an issue with the Lighthouses synchronizing with each other.

Once I moved the lighthouses further apart, futher up on a wall, with a clear view of each other (and my headset) the problem was resolved.

Thanks everyone!


Whenever 6DOF headtracking is lost or game freezes/pauses for more than few seconds SteamVR sends white/grey? screen to prevent motion sickness.