5k+ RMA 2nd Headset arrived with Firmware .183!

Hey Everyone. So my replacement headset arrived with firmware .183.

Anyone else have this? Anyone know what’s different?

Also, I’m noticing some trailing in the right peripheral vision. On the very right side edge under normal FOV, i see some trailing in the colors.


Please, check this topic about a ripple effect on screen and check whether your headset suffers from it. Not sure if it’s a firmware problem or PiTool problem. Thanks!


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Could you check for the black dots, please? Thanks in advance.

Here Mike, I have 183 also. not seen any color trailing or anything much different compared to the old headset. just the grey dots vanished.

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So the firmware update really is fixing the black/grey dot problem?

I‘m afraid it doesn‘t - other users are on firmware 181 (spamenigma and bubbleball) and do not have any dots in their replaced headsets :frowning:


Thanks for your reply. So the only conclusion is that replaced 5k+ have different panels without this issue.

Well supposedly the dots are still there but way less visible. So that makes me think they applied some kind of filter over the panels


looks like it yes. 20char

sjefke, I dont see any dots no more. neither a hint of them. but there is a new kind of dirty screen effect (for me not related to the dots)

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I dont know what black dots you’re talking about. Ive never seen any black dots on the old headset or the replacement.

The black dots are only visible in content with areas in orange / skin color.
I use the scene with the floating jelly fish in the Blu to detect them.

@MikeJeffries you need to look at skintone/red/blue areas and take a picture with zoom to see if its there or not

I use the pimax for sim racing. I have never seen any black dots of any kind on any color. .181 or .183. Also, if you need to zoom in with a camera to see these dots, what does it even matter? You wont see it with your eyes if that’s the case.

You can see them with the naked eye. But your content will likely not show them.

Look at the sky in any game and make sure your character is still and see whether or not you see them

I saw them everywhere as soon as I was not moving my head. they had a distinct pattern. you would have seen them if you had them.

so maybe there have always been two different displays?

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I have never seen the black dots anywhere. Car still not moving, looking at sky, looking at the ground, looking in the car. It’s normal.

@McErono @MikeJeffries what are your backer numbers? @MikeJeffries I don’t mean any offense, is your eyesight good enough to notice them if they were there? that’s why i suggested take a photo with a camera zoom

I got mine from backer 24

Well the theory that newer displays have been sourced then is probably incorrect, or you can’t see the dots. It’s either you can’t see them or the display quality differentiates