5k+ right screen flickering

I have just got my Pimax working but the right screen has a line through it about 3 quarters of the way down the screen. The picture below the line is flickering while the rest of the picture is clear and stable. I get this effect in a game or in the Steam room, when I don’t have Steam open and all I can see is the Pimax logo and starry back ground the picture is clear. Has anyone come across this before?

I saw something similar to this once. I turned off my headset and rebooted my PC and the problem went away. Have you tried that yet?

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You can register an account and create a ticket in service desk if you need Pimax tech support.

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I’m having the same problem.

There is another forum post that suggests turning off the lighthouses and seeing if that fixes the issue, https://community.openmr.ai/t/replied-5k-screen-error-with-lighthouse/16370/7

I’ve got a ticket raised, will keep you updated.

Thanks Arno. I do not have any lighthouses connected but would be interested to hear what the issue is

Hi @anon74848233
I am unable to create a support call. I have created an account but it won’t allow me to access it, I am told the password is incorrect. I have created a second account to ensure the password is correct but same result

Why not change another available password ?

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Seems this is related to a faulty cable, they are sending me another one (again) which they believe should fix it.