5K+ KDMAS Review


I have been using my 5K+ for about 2 years now and I have to say that once I finally figured out how to dive into all the settings and get the headset running properly I have loved using it. Since day one I have been using the Vive DAS as my head strap. The DAS is/was a great head strap to use on the OG Vive. Moving over to the 5K+ it did work but it was not great. I felt the strap did not fit low enough on the back of my head (making the HMD front heavy), and personally (although the audio was great) the speakers pressing against my ears over long play periods would make my ears fatigue/hurt.

I am now using the new KDMAS that Pimax released and I wanted to give a honest review on how I think it is based off using it for the last 4 days, and coming from the Vive DAS as stated above.

The install was super easy. I mean SUPER easy. I honestly do not understand why there were so many questions about how to install the KDMAS (even before the guide was released). I guess because I already installed the DAS I was more “aware” of how this needed to be done…not sure, but the install was cake.

I was lucky enough to get the plastic hinges. The strap will go all the way down to the top of the back of my neck before it stops with ease. I personally loosen the velcro strap on top completely, put on the HMD tightening the wheel on the back, and then tighten the velcro. With the angle of the strap arms, the cushion on the rear holding lower on my skull, and the velcro keeping the HMD pressure more on my forehead and less on my cheeks (the comfort kits makes this much more comfortable as well), the HMD feels almost weightless on my face. I can play for hours now while being completely comfortable the entire time. Don’t get me wrong I definitely know it is there, but once in game I rarely pay attention to it unlike when I had the DAS which I constantly tinkered with while in game to make comfortable.

Audio: (This is using the normal Windows 10 volume. No special EQ settings)
The audio in my mind is the best of both worlds. You can use it as off ear (like the Index) or on ear (like the DAS). I will explain both below. The headphones are able to move backwards, forwards, up, and down. I can easily put them in any location that I want with ease, and/or move them out of the way when I don’t want them.

  • Off Ear - My wife, daughter, and some friends do not like the on ear audio like the DAS. So the fact that you can use the KDMAS as Off Ear is great…but there are down sides. The audio when using the KDMAS Off Ear is crystal clear. No matter what game I am playing I can easily hear every sound and the volume can go high enough that it will honestly hurt my ears going past anything over 50% volume. The only downside is there is very little bass. Granted I personally like a deep bass response so this may be my ears simply not perceiving it as a decent amount. It could also my be on-board audio. Others have stated it is fine on their KDMAS when using Off Ear.
  • On Ear - Installing the ear cups on the headphones is a breeze, and if you have a mixed bag of people playing (on ear and off ear players) taking them on and off takes 5 seconds. The second you install the ear cups the audio completely changes. You still have the super crisp sound quality that is provided with the Off Ear setup, but now all the bass is there and sounds wonderful. The ear cups just barely sit on the top of your ears (for me anyway). I did not like this at first as I wanted to press them against my ears which made the bass/treble audio sound better like the DAS. After hours of playing I noticed having the ear cups just barely touching my ears was better as I had no ear fatigue at all like I did with the DAS. Turning up the volume slightly will also give the higher audio quality of pressing the cups against your ears. There is also some noise cancellation which I did not expect. I can hear people around me if I focus on them, but if/when I am in the zone playing a game, the outside surrounding audio is easily muted to the point of not being distracting.


  • Audio cable - the audio cable that is included to tie both the left and right side together is about 5" too long. I have no idea why they would make the cable that long. You can mess around with it and “hide” it around the comfort kit, but one would just assume since this is a custom made cable they would have at least measured to make it a little shorter
  • Ratchet system - The ratchet wheel on the back of the KDMAS is fickle. Coming from the DAS, the DAS ratchet system and wheel were robust and built solid. I would grab that wheel and ratchet the headset down to my head feeling the ratchet system working and never worried about breaking it…very solid build. The KDMAS is not the same. When you are tightening the KDMAS there is a 50/50 chance you will “feel” the ratchet system. When you start to get it tight on your head it will stop on its own and you have to wiggle the strap side to side to make it get tighter. Maybe I just like my HMD too tight on my face, but this does not seem normal. When loosening the KDMAS the same thing will happen. The strap will start to loosen and randomly stop. To get it to keep loosening you have to wiggle the strap side to side. This again does not seem normal. The wheel on the back of the KDMAS seems fragile. I feel like it is going to break off any second when I am using it (especially tightening). So I basically baby the strap when taking on or off.

All in all, putting the KDMAS on the 5K+ has made the HMD in my mind 100% better than it was while using the DAS. Complete game changer. Granted the build quality of the KDMAS feels “cheaper” in some aspects, the overall functionality of it surpasses the DAS in my opinion. I have no earthly idea why it took almost a year to build this thing and get it to customers, but that is in the past.

Hope this helps someone more clearly understand what the KDMAS is like.


That generally matches my xp save had to force the stops on the hinges.

The off ear I still have reasonably decent Bass so it might also depend on Mobo’s audio chipset as haven’t adjusted eq settings.

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You could definitely be correct. I personally am a bass fan so it might simply be my ears are not picking up enough to satisfy what I perceive as decent bass. I will edit my post to explain this more clearly.

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That could be. It might also be the distance to the ears with cushions removed. The Index I recall one article required a spacer to off set the angle for Asymmetric ears causing uneven distance to ears.

Enclosed of course will improve Bass effect vs open off ear.

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In any case any speaker needs to be consequently constructed for its designed purpose.
Plunging some earcups on an over-ear design doesn’t make it an on-ear design.

In this case the Ear cups are more designed for these drivers. Off ear though works. However it suffers from having no spring adjustment toward ears. A similar issue was identified with Index for people with Asymmetry of ears creating uneven space of left and right distance to ears. A mod involving a 5° offset spacer helped one reviewer fix the issue.

Which is ashame pimax didn’t correct this issue in off ear style design.

I would call the kdmas as an on ear vs over ear due to how small the drivers are.


I have an IPD of 68 and not a big nose, but ever since i tried to use the (heavy) KDMAS
and sleeve, i feel the housings of the lenses pressing hard on the sides of my upper nose bone.If i loosen it, the hmd wiggles (even if i tighten it, that is not gone). Tried different masks, also the Aliexpress one… Cant achieve a comfortable fit. Am i doing things wrong, maybe?

Pimax having replaced my faulty hinge, I have now spent more time in the KDMAS.
Although, I don’t bother with the audio at all having a large full room surround solution, I am using it as a platform for the headset.
While, I had to add foam at the sides to remove light leaking in, once done, the over all fit and comfort in long duration play has won me over for using it as a support base.



Is it possible to buy the KDMAS ? I don’t see it on the website.
I have a 5k+, pre-ordered in 2018 (not a backer), and I think this would complete my setup.

Thx for the review !

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Word was they intend to put it on the Store once the KS backers all have their’s.



I am not exactly sure how the lenses are pressing against your nose seeing you state you have a small nose, and your IPD is set to 68 (assuming you mean the mechanical dial which moves the lenses inward and outward). I have what I believe is a “normal/small” nose and I have my mechanical IPD of the 5K+ set at 63 (close to the lowest). Unless I purposely shake my head back and forth I do not feel the lenses on my nose at all. I am currently using the thicker foam that came with the KDMAS. If/when I use the thin foam I can slightly feel the lenses on my nose but not enough to cause discomfort. Maybe you are wearing the HMD to low on your face as the lenses do get closer together at the center, but still at 68 on the IPD setting I don’t see how that would be an issue even then. Maybe someone else has more insight.

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Yes, meant the psysical ipd. If i look to the left or right, the hmd shakes/feels loose. If i tighten it to stop the shakiness, it is uncomfortable and presses to the bridge of my nose. Using the thicker facefoam, means losing a lot fov.
I can’t get the comfortable fit like i had with the CV1, even though it had such a simple strap.
Maybe it’s the increased weight, it is quite heavy for my neck.

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Again I am not sure why you are hitting your nose. I strap the HMD as tight as I can on my face. As in when I shake my head it does not move. Even doing this I am not touching the lenses with my nose (even using thin foam as stated above there is no discomfort). I do loosen the Velcro strap when I put on the HMD and pull it tight last. This for me takes the pressure off my cheeks and puts it on my fore-head. You might try this as that small movement might pull the lenses off your nose a little. Just a suggestion. I cannot comment on the weight as when I have the KDMAS strap setup properly the HMD feels extremely light on my face. The weight is distributed very well in my opinion.

I know you said the thick foam will make you lose FOV but if it helps with the lenses hitting your nose it might be the only option you have unfortunately.

Have you considered 2 pieces of Peal n stick foam in the nose area? As this may help to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose. And reduce the amount of tightening required to remove shakiness.

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I don’t think he necessarily means the lenses themselves but the top of the Nose region of the headset around where glasses would rest.

Extra foam thickness of just the side of the head might also reduce shake caused by head movements.

I have had the top of the nose guard (spiked tips) stabbing into my nose bridge before that cause discomfort. I simply moved the HMD higher on my face to remove this issue.

So for your particular case this worked. It might or might not for others.

I can try this, with the thick foam that was delivered with the KDMAS, the problem is almost gone.
It were the housings of the lenses indeed, who pressed against my nose.

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