5K+ HMD Stuck at Pi Logo Screen

I bought index controllers and was looking forward to playing HLA. Yesterday pitool and steamvr wouldn’t pair my controllers. Headset worked fine. I was in SteamVR home, but the controllers would only appear as vive wands, and only if they were connected to my comp via the usb cable. Googling came up with the same issue being resolved by the latest version of PiTool. I installed the latest tonight. Upon launch it updated the firmware on the headset, which said it completed successfully. PiTool says the headset is connected, but it’s flashing in SteamVR saying to move the headset to wake it up. Moving it does not change this. I’ve rebooted the headset through PiTool. Restarted PiTool, SteamVR and Steam, and rebooted my comp several times. The HMD powers on, says it’s connected but the screen only ever shows the Pi Logo on a space background, and SteamVR says to move the headset to wake it.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Can you post your system setup with pitool & headset firmware version.

PiTool version V1.0.1.255

Headset Firmware V2.1.255.255

Using Vive 1.0 headset/lighthouses/wands
Kickstarter 5K+ HMD
Index controllers

Geforce 1070 with latest drivers

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Check this Steamcommunity post on W7 with Index Controllers.

General Reccommendation there seems to be upgrade. But soneone there did post a way from my scanning.

I’m not against upgrading. but for the heck of it i tried to use my vive wands instead of the index and my headset is behaving the same. Stuck at Pi logo screen. SteamVR now says nothing is tracking :frowning:

If it was working before in W7 you might also need to roll back your steam if it updated.

Filing a support ticket, the team might be able to take a look and resolve this remotely.

I installed Windows 10 and everything is working fine. Controllers paired and my headset works without issue. Thanks!

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