5K+ Fresnel Halos are really bad

Hey guys,

My brother and I both got our 5K+s recently. He’s also got a Vive. We both are really bothered by what we’ve determined are Fresnel lens halos. I thought initially that they were internal reflections, but when I look at small bright objects, centered on one eye, I can clearly see the Fresnel rings of that eye. The Vive has no such problem. Those lenses are clear and crisp with no halos. Are you guys seeing this too? I don’t suppose there is anything we can do about it. It’s really distracting. I’m quite disappointed in these lenses. :frowning:


I cannot even take you seriously for saying that…
I mean vive, clear crisp with no halo?? Come on…


Tryto dial in the IPD and the position of the HMD on your face, maybe even try some different foam thicknesses, really the light halo on the Pimax is almost non existent compared with the Vive if you have it dialled in.


I’m not talking about the resolution. Simply the lenses. Pimax res is way better, hands down. This post seems to call my issue something else: https://community.openmr.ai/t/5k-impressions-after-2-days/14761/4

Pulling the unit about a half cm from my head does seem to help, but without doing that, I can see the individual Fresnel rings well enough that I might be able to count them. IPD is adjusted as well as I can get it. With the Vive, I am completely unaware of the lens itself so that it appears I’m looking directly at the screens. Not so with the Pimax. The lens is in the way of my enjoyment of the screens. See my comments on that other post.


I am with what fishfingers said.
Only reason I could think of is the foam thickness and ipd.


The vive has no such problem are you shitting me all i see in my vive is rings lol,the pimax is so much better


I was in your same opinion, but there is a “solution”. If you move the HMD away from your face, increasing thick of the foam, and moving it low in your face, then you can get rid of this effect.


Depending on a few factors like others mentioned will increase appearance of Godrays.

  • Ipd
  • Foam thickness (related to eye distance to lens)
  • Vertical alignment of eyes to lens (move up or down on face)

Wear a blackout face mask before putting on your pimax. The closer lenses are to your skin, the more it occurs.
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I tired a balaclava when I first saw them since I thought maybe it was a reflection off of my face. Didn’t work. It’s reflections just from the Fresnel shape itself.

I’m guessing since people are giving me crap about this that face shape must affect what people are seeing since that would change how the HMD sits on one’s face. My eyes are positioned such that they minimize the effect. So is the IPD. Like, duh, of course I did that. At this point, the only other thing that makes it better is moving it away from my face. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have more padding so that I can make that distance permanent - however, I t seems to me that I shouldn’t have to; that Pimax should have made a lens where I don’t see this junk in the first place.


Focal distance is an inherent part of any lens design. A lens that works for you won’t necessarily work for others. Swapping face pads is much easier (and cheaper) than swapping lenses.

The actual flaw is that the Pimax headset doesn’t have a distance-from-your-face adjustment. Iirc, some other headset(s) do have the ability to adjust that distance. At the very least, Pimax needs to include several face pads of different thicknesses with EVERY unit, so that you have the one you need. @anon74848233


The Hardware Store with peal n stick foam & the looped side of Velcro can help to expand the foam thickness.

As for the junk comment. One could argue if your face shape gave your eyes more distance lens as others. You wouldn’t need thicker foam. The entity or enties that designed the human form(head) didn’t use 1 mold to ensure simplicity.

But yes at times folks get jumpy over perceptions.


not to forget its the first HMD with angled displays being used be a wider amount of people for a longer time (star vr arcades and pimax demos in 2017/2018 don’t count here) so hitting new problems is not so unusual

maybe companys with more experience in that field (like valve?) already knew about that and some of there dev’s shake the head and say “what did they expect …”


sorry your having issues man. I have 8k and I have none of the issues that you are describing nor any issues being described in the other tread post about similar issue.

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I just want to make clear that I’m not angry or impatient. I hope my words don’t come off that way. My day job has me exercise extreme patience as I problem solve all the time. So I’m fine working on issues, so long as there appears to be some path that can be taken. I will reserve getting pissed until such time as there appears absolutely no solution that I can live with. In which case, I guess I’d buy something else or wait for Samsung’s curved and see-through(!!!) displays. Did you see the patent?

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Yes another curved display patent appears different not to be at risk of Oculis’ curved display for vr.

Honestly not fussy on the whole patenting in this form when curved displays are a logical next step. But a vr review blog by a dev that was at the berlin meetup in sept 2018. Has mentioned in his blog about rendering for cantered displays, that rendering on curved displays may cause challenges for rendering as well.

But do like the AR applications that this will bring. Hopefully folks remember to watch for cars. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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just having a curved display does not solve vr problems like accommodation problems (vari focal display) and other things, its just a option that might never turns into any useful product, maybe projecting with lasers into the eye (like project vaunt from intel did) is the next big thing? you not even need a lens in the way we need it now


Agreed there is other prominent ideas like that. Alegiant(sp?) Did something like that eith dlp media headset.

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What we really need is a “light field” display.

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Dont worry about coming off angry, believe me we have all seen the worse of the worse regarding “tudes” here :sweat_smile:

I have the Vive and it has god awful of god rays. My 5K+ has them as well but I mostly only notice them like on the Steam homepage or the Steam Home room for some reason. In the games I have tried they are mostly gone. Have you tried many games yet or just on like menu screens where they seem to be most prevelant.