5k+ for sale? Testing the waters

I’m testing the waters here

I have a 5k plus with a pledge for two lighthouses and thumbstick controllers.

I have the headset which has been used for about an hour tops and waiting on delivery of the rest of my stuff

I’m thinking about just cashing in and getting a quest to supplement my current Rift.

Anyone interested in buying my headset and pledge?



Competition my be fierce in this market. Good luck.:wink:

Thanks - It’s no big if I don’t I can always sling it on FB marketplace or the 'bay … I’m looking for around $600 for the whole she-bang - forgot to mention that - that’s reasonable right?

depends if the others new headset are release or not.
value for a 5K+ will drastically decrease when the 8k serie will be out.
all in one the price is fair but you still have to receive the LH and controller.
People will be probably more interested by LH+controllers than by the headset.
(most people looking for LH and controller probably already have the headset)
i think you better will sold the headset now for 500 and lh+controller later for 200.

So, my mate just sold his OG Vive for $700aud…

I don’t know about a drastic drop, if the new price for a Pimax is $1200USD people will still buy the current gen headsets for good money.

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all depends if you want the money fast or not.
nobody will buy the full set if you cannot deliver it.
but people looking for room scale are not so common, so you would easily find
people interested for a 5k+ alone to the cheap side.
If you can wait , put headset+ LH+ controller for sale at 800 and wait.
you will easily sell it when Pimax starts to deliver LH+ controller.
I would take the heaset (i am waiting for my LH+controller, but i already purchased a 1.0 set long ago, so now i will miss a headset to get the pair)

Thanks - I’ll hold off and wait for the rest of the stuff to show and try to sell it as a ‘complete’ bundle - or by then, I might even just keep it - who knows… I’m not desperate to sell,

Sold 5k+ hmd only for 660usd.

Going to place order on 8kx when available

wow thats a good price,i sold my pimax 5k today for 400 euro(only the hmd too).
For now i keep the valve index and hope someday for a good rgb oled display…

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yes a 5K+ for 400$ , i would take it + the option to purchase the base and controller later when they are delivered.
But i would not pay for something that cannot be delivered.
I think the price of 5K+ will drop , because most people who purchased (or switched from kickstarter) are now looking for better, and8k is not far now.