5k Early Bird Backers

Hi @Pimax-Support,

I’m an early backer for 5k and upgraded to 8k by adding $150, if I choose to get the 5k+ instead, will I get $150 to spend on accessories instead of $100?

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When did you change your pledge? Was it before the campaign ended or did you use a slacker-backer option to upgrade?

I’m in exactly the same scenario. I backed earlybird 5K and upgraded to 8K before the KS ended.

Having said that while it is annoying I do not feel hard done by with this development. I feel Pimax are being very fair giving us the option to change as well as a rebate.

I’m actually more annoyed that I backed the earlybird 5K quite early in the KS and it looks like when I did elect to “upgrade” to the 8K my backer number jumped significantly. I am now backer 9xx, so again hardly a big problem because at least I can start getting more reviews from those who get their pledge HMDs before me.


Half your luck, I went from 1060 something to 3200ish from doing the same thing.
Shit happens. :slight_smile:


@Sarugetchu, same as @ICDP, I changed during the campaign and was in the first 100 to back the 5K, now I’m 2000ish.

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That’s exactly the same scenario as me!

I feel doubtful that Pimax will give us anything for it though, because we made the switch before the campaign fully ended and somebody else took those 5K early backer slots already. We could have just as easily cancelled our pledge all together.

I’m actually happy now to have a much higher backer number…more time to agonise over the painful decision :sweat_smile::cry:

Lol, at the time I was ready to email them to ask that my original much lower backer number be honoured. Now I am happy at 9xx and letting other users get theirs first and post reviews.

I am constantly changing my mind from 5K+ to 8K. I hate SDE but the extra clarity of the 5K+ does sound appealing. At least I know that both Pimax HMDs are sharper and have less SDE than my Odyssey.

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I’m in the same boat… I really like my Odyssey and I don’t really have much issue of SDE on the Odyssey. Yes, it would great if I didn’t see any but rarely do I see SDE on my Odyssey while playing games. If the 5K+ has more clarity and has less SDE than my Odyssey… I’m a very happy camper!!!


Same here, I Backed the 5k HMD only (I have the OG Vive) but then I decided to go 8K Full Package since I plan to sell the Vive after I get the new HMD + accessories. Now I’m going back to 5K (when Pimax asks) me and I’m not sure that these 100$ can be spent on something actually worthy since most of the accessories are bundled in the full package. I feel Like I lost a 100 dollars but anyway I would be happy to get at least what I want - a next gen VR.

PS I’ll probably pay for the extended cable

get the wireless module when it comes out, 100 bucks from kickstarter then another 100 switching from 8k-5k+ =200 bucks , they probably gonna sell the wireless module for like 300 bucks, so you only need to fork out another 100 bucks later

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Wireless is cool but it removes one and adds another impediment to the whole setup, I prefer cable for better performance .

Yup. Had VR for a couple of years now, not once has the cable actually been a problem for me. Wireless VR is novelty value only, for me - it’s neat and all, but extra latency or heat, or weight is worse than dealing with the cable

it doesnt mess with performace when its made right, like the new htc vive wireless.

Hi @fennec, we will get in touch with you before shipping your package. Please be advised. Thanks in advance.

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turning around and being able to feel the wires warping around my feet is kinda immersion breaking sometimes, having to readjust the wire positioning is also ewww…

Hi @Pimax-Support,

I already know you’ll get in touch with me before shipping, what I’m asking is if I’ll get $150 or $100 since I’m an Early backer for 5k.

Hi @fennec, of course you may add $100 if you would like the Pimax 8K since you pledged 5K. Please be advised.

Sounds like you both like to get $100 extra beer money

@Pimax-Support, you don’t understand. I paid 5k early backer $349, then I paid extra $150 to get 8k during campaign. If I choose to get 5k instead of 8k, will I get back $150?

Dude … you played … you lost… why would you get 50$ more than anybody else ?

I would not be fair to anybody else since everybody would start to claim exactly that.