5k+ dust specs on lenses/scratches - on brand new model?


Just bought my 5k+ from amazon.de - generally very happy with it, but i noticed that when in some dark conditions, i can see a TON of what appears to look like dust specs, or small scratches all over the lens.

Ive tried to look, but it doesnt seem like theres a protective film on ( should there be? ) - is this common, or should i contact someone about this?

Try wiping the dust off. If it’s scratches contact Amazon.

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@PimaxQuorra can answer better on initial packaging. I believe it should have had a protective film to be removed once received. But don’t know for sure.

As @dogbite said try wiping it off with the lens cleaning cloth that should be in your package.

there was no protective film - and i cant wipe it off, so im returning them.

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Did you have a film on yours? I am nearly certain I did not, but that was a KS unit.

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No film on my KS units. But do recall some after reporting film to remove.

the 8k+ did not have a film - a cardboard was placed before the lenses with some instructions.

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Hi r3x,

For this, you may request a RMA with us. Please open a ticket at our Support.

They will help to diagnose the problem, and if it’s remain unresolved, we will proceed to RMA.


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