5k Comfort Mod Using Foam and Velcro

Finally couldn’t bear the discomfort and lack of being able to get the sweet spot right anymore, so I bought some foam, velcro and 3M 99 glue and made a small mod. I basically took off the existing foam and then drew around it, but used only the bottom half, since that’s where I felt I needed more padding. I put velcro on both sides so it would attach to the headset and the existing velcro and fitted it as shown in the photos below. I moved the nose portion up to provide more support in the nose area, since my nose is quite large as was hitting the lenses and causing major discomfort when the IPD was set small (which was necessary to get close to the sweet spot). It’s not perfect, but I feel it’s a large improvement to clarity and comfort. Thought it might help others in the same scenario. My IPD is 62 and my nose is probably a little larger than average.

IMG_8428 IMG_8429


Great idea. I will try it. I think I already have all the ingredients laying about. My reason is to make darn sure my glasses don’t touch the Pimax lenses. I damaged my Rift by having them touch only a couple of times by just the least little bit. I added some self-stick foam to the Pimax but it just won’t stick well to the Pimax padding.


As pimax face foam attaches with looped side velcro try using looped velcro on your peal n stick.


I have the same issue: need to thicken the lower part of the headset foam to get a correct position/image.

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