5k+ Batch #2 and Batch #3 is different - Housing, Headstrap, Sticker, Firmware...more?

I spent countless hours during the last days troubleshooting position tracking problems.
Perhaps IMU Calibration is needed to be done by support, still waiting for it.

However, today @hover82 got his Batch#3 5k+ delivered, works fine btw. we tried to find out why my HMD behaves so strange when it comes to tracking on my PC.

Different Firmware

First of all, why is my Batch#2 5k+ on Firmware ?
Batch#3 5k+ is running with Firmware

How can i get the most recent Firmware? It seems with PiTool .91 there is still an old Firmware delivered.

Other findings:

Different Headstrap

Different Labels

Model: 5K = Batch #2
Model: P2 = Batch #3

@anon74848233 i would ask for clarification if anything changed on the inside as well between Batch #2 and #3
Also i would be very happy if you could help to get my Headset on the most recent Firmware and if needed maybe this IMU Calibration. Thanks.


Perhaps there are differences between the business edition and regular headsets.


Watching this post.


Could it be the batch 3 has the new housing? Trye and weigh them without the headstrap.

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Neither of these appear to be a BE versions. Both are 5k+

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It looks like mine was batch 3 then I guess.

By the looks of it I must have been one of the first batch 3 users. It arrived before many batch 2 backers.

Also why don’t you take the firmware from his Headset and try to flash it to yours using the tutorial posted on SweViver’s YouTube channel ?


Oh great :roll_eyes:. Anyone remember the Pimax 4K scandal regarding the different resolution panel they changed to?. The early 4K units with serial number 100XXXXX had the true 4K 3840 X 2160 LCD panels, then for some reason they started manufacturing them with 2560 X 1440 OLED panels for the 102XXXXX serial numbers. I mean C’mon WTF Pimax. :thinking:

The headband is only a temporary solution. The complete experience will be headset and headstrap bundle.
We start shipping now because we wish you to try the new VR experience asap. You received the specific type of headband because that’s for early backers only. We won’t produce early backer headband anymore.


Do Early bird backer will get headstrap like the batch 2 image? (It look better).

Ask for sure because I am early bird backer.

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@anon74848233 check above different stickers, can you confirm that the hardware is the same?

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@MildlyConfused i would love to flash firmware but the one delivered with latest pitool is .147
Can you please compare your sticker and SN? Maybe they sent just me an old model?


Only housing and headband.The hardware is the same


All backers will be getting the headstrap with integrated headphones once that is ready.


I mean this

the specific type of headband. (headband in batch 2 and batch 3 is different, but infact it is headband for early backer and headband for normal backer if I don’t misunderstand).

So I want to know I will get headband like batch 2 or batch 3, or may that it is not mean “early bird backer”, but it is the backer in first and second batch which be early backer who get the headset before.

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The regular 5k is the business edition.

The new version is like batch 3


That was a packaging issue. The BE batch was meant for a different customer. Oled qhd panels cost more than the 4k lcd panel.


Oh well that would explain it, I never know this. So it WAS a packaging issue? I know the lettering on the boxes were a different color, blue and red. Were the BE’s marked on the box “BE” ?

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They changed packaging letter color when flaws like the bad lenses & then after the BE mix up.

It was explained that a decision was made to package the OG Pimax BE in 4k boxes for a customer(s) order as they had ran out of BE packaging. And that these were shipped by mistake resulting in the BE headache mix up.

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I joined the forum probably just after all the 4K issues were resolved so I probably didnt read this, interesting…

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