5K+ Arrived Today

Got my 5K+ today, I set it up without issues, took about 15 minutes total with pitool install, room setup and controller pairing. Only briefly tried a few games Golfclub VR, Beat Saber both ran great on my 1080 with large FOV and 1.25 in pitool V1.0.1.90 with the 181 firmware.

I must have WON the Black Dot Lottery because I can’t see hide nor hair of them also didn’t see any dead pixels yet, after I post this i’m going to do some testing for dead pixels, I hope I don’t find any because this HMD is AWESOME. I would also guess to say I have the better plastic it feels pretty sturdy and the seams look nice and straight.

The image is CRYSTAL clear, text is amazing and so far in steam home,golf club vr and beat saber the blacks and colors look just fine to me, and I “WITHOUT A DOUBT PREFER RGB STRIPE TO PENTILE” no contest.

The only Negative thing I can say about the HMD is the pop in/out of stationary objects on the periphery is a little distracting.

So I would just like to say to Pimax… Awesome job!!! If you build an 8K with full RGB stripe OLED panels I will buy it in a heartbeat.


Congrats! Keep in mind you might be like @mixedrealityTV & myself & just don’t really notice them. As it is a larger number in reality that has complaint of seeing them. Otherwise with the number of 5k+ headsets out there this forum would be flooded. Pimaxvr(Robin) said most wouldn’t see them & might be true. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Can the objects popping in and out of the periphery be solved by turning on hidden mask area?

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Hidden mask should be left on. What it does is it doesn’t render the image outside of what you can see. The unused parts of the panel don’t get rendered.

Now turning if off might fix some of the poppimg effect. But maybe not. As to the program you shouldn’t see the object yet as it should be off screen normally.

Game dev would likely need to tweak the game for increased FoV to fix properly.

Could you take a close up shot of your panels, comparable in the zoom and color to the ones here https://community.openmr.ai/t/5k-black-dot-pattern-thread-post-here-with-pics/13875/6, so we could se how the display without black dots looks like?

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I tried both hidden mask on/off and it doesn’t have any effect on the popping in/out. I can see it being a limitation of the games fov for sure.

After more testing I will say I have no bad pixels. Thank god!!! I am a happy camper so far .

Also tested a few more games Virtual Sports, Cloudlands minigolf, Plenty Skyhearth. all play great with no parallel projection needed.

It may be like you say Heliosurge I just can’t seem to find the dots, “and i’m not complaining”

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I will try but i’m having a hell of a time trying to get my phone to focus on the panel. It may be like helio said I might not be able to see them but they may be there.
Do you have any pro tips that may help me take a good photo with my note 8?

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This is the first time I’ve seen anyone mention Golfclub VR, and I’ve been wondering how it performs. I also have a 1080, and I know Golfclub VR can be demanding when raising the SS in game. It is also a good “head strap test” with the swinging motion and putting position(was one of the reasons I bought a DAS).

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Unfortunately not. I have not been able to focus my phone either, then I tried “digital microscope” which can be focused “manually” (by moving it closer or further), but it has its own problems too.

The only clear shots seems to be from the people with digital cameras with manual focus.

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Select compatible with Parallel projections and that problem will be solved. It will be slower though.


What is your hardware specs?

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Great stuff. I too am glad to hear Golf Club VR feedback. I play a lot of that after warming up and stretching with In Death.

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damn i may have jumped the gun too early thanks to @mixedrealityTV i sold my 1080 and got the 2080Ti. Oh well. Got my tracking number and my 5k+ should arrive this week. I hope i’m as lucky as you with the lottery. Or maybe I’m your Mr.Glass and Im the complete opposite


pop up issue caused by parallel projection option in some game.

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Thanks Sjefdeklerk That did the trick, now I have to try those games again to see how they perform. I will do more testing after I get home from work today.


I did have to turn down the graphics in Golfclub to get it smooth, but it still looked better than my vive with gearvr lenses. With the vive I had everything maxed in game, and the wide FOV is great in this game. This is one of my favorite games in vr, it made me buy the tpcast because the wire was killing me when putting.
The DAS is a must with the vive and it adapts very well to the Pimax .


Thanks for clearing that up🖒

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Is it possible that you and Sebastian actually have units without black dots and that’s why you can’t see them? Have you tried other headsets that have them for sure? @spamenigma can’t see them now on his new unit but he could on the old ones


I don‘t think so. everyone with good vision can see them but maybe you guys just got a 5k+ without dots from the beginning.

and others will see them but are just not disturbed by the dots.

again I have both versions and nobody can tell me he doesn‘t see the dots IF he has them. just impossible… or bad eyesight.

every single mate of mine trying the 5k+ did recognise the dots.


…but you can let it be replaced by Pimax, if you have the dots, right? I think there was a statement from them, replacing the HMDs from every backer that is annoyed by the dots, or am I wrong?..

Edit: I just read up, that it was a misunderstanding and Pimax means dead pixels… so, everybody with black dots can only „hope“ for housing cracks or dead pixels for RMA and get one without black dots…