5K+ arrived, my impressions

Hello backers, yesterday my 5K+ finally arrived.

It has no dead pixels, no cracks in the housing and no black dot pattern. I’m quite excited about that. In this respect the headset is perfect.

Now I can give my feedback on SDE and onther things.

The SDE is rearly visible in almost any situation. But here comes the crucial point: It is ONLY visible if you are looking for it! As soon as you focus on the actual content, the SDE becomes totally invisible! So I can understand both sides now: people who complain about the SDE and others who say it is practically invisible. Both statements are true. It is only that you really have to look for the SDE to see it.
This was not the case with Gear VR for example, which had actually quite a low SDE compared to other HMDs. Yet I was noticing it from time to time without trying to see the SDE.
The SDE on the 5K+ is not an issue for me.

The brightness is ok, it could be a bit brighter though. After wearing it for a longer period ones eyes adopt to the relatively dimm picture. The brightness is sufficient especially if one uses the HMD in the evening where there are no bright light sources which desensitise the eyes.

The wearing comfort is good. The HMD seats well on the face. I wish the strap had more adjustment possibilities. But this will be provided by the upcoming head strap with headphones. The face cushion is slightly to thick for me. I wish pimax included at least one more cushion.

The build quality is good or even very good. The headset is very light and yet robust / rigid. The cable is nice and soft with a rubbery coating. There is nothing to complaing at all. The packaging is also very nice.

The IPD adjustment seems to be not that precise. My IPD is 64mm but I have do adjust it to 67mm for a strainless view.

The field of view is great. The small FOV is approximately what I had on the Gear VR with the face cushion removed. So it is still larger than that of the Gear VR with the face cushion! The middle FOV is substantially larger and already covers most of what my eyes can perseive when looking straight. The difference between middle and large is vanishingly small. I don’t see the point in wasting GPU resorces to render the large FOV. The distortions on the edges are there, of course. But like with the SDE, they seem to disappear as soon as I focus on the actual VR content. I think Pimax did a great job here and all the months of waiting were worth it!

I think the 5K+ is overall a great product. Naturally, there are always things to impove and I hope we will see new HMDs from Pimax in the future. But the 5K+ is a state of the art HMD and although the pricing is rather high it is still acceptable. Even so if one compares it to the current big players.


Awesome Review & I agree. Title updated. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I’m still at work but 5k+ waiting for me when I get home :):smiley:


Large mode only enlarge 10 degrees. But for me is crucial. I have 160 with normal FOV and 172 with large (tried with ROV envieronment test). From 50 to 60, you can’t see the difference. But… when you lose all black borders in your sight… is something new and absolutely immersive. For me, I only can use large FOV.

I suppose I had luck with my face shape.


Cool. How about the distortion on the Large fov, bothering you?

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Congrats! Title updated.

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No, the distortions in wide FOV don’t bother me. But I must say that they are substantial and one of the things which need to be addressed in next-gen HMDs (e.g. XTAL).
They would be annoying if one starred all the time at the outer edges. But who does that in reality? It is totally unnatural and so I don’t notice the distortions most of the time and even if I do it isn’t really that of a problem because the very next moment I intuitively rotate my head towards where my eyes are pointing and the distortions are gone.


I made a mod of my glasses like a headband. The HMD only touch slightly my face. With this mod I can see 175 degrees, tested, without distorsions.

I think that if Pimax would sent headband at first… with tilt and position option, then you can adjust correctly the glasses and get rid of all distortion and minor issues.


About where was your backer #? Haven’t seen many US backers receive their headset.

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Rest assured lately have been tagging lots of :us: users as well as other nationalities.


3022 backer # 202020


Nice, what PC setup do you have. ?


2700x with 1080ti…just played some palov…this hmd rocks!!!


I fov is amazing! Sde compared to my vive is so much better…clarity…so fuckin happy!


Yes, it is absolutely important to adjust the HMD correctly on ones head. Also the distance between the eyes and the lenses is important and should be as small as possible. That’s why I wish the face cushion was thinner. When I remove it and hold the 5K+ as close to my eyes as possible the FOV increases and at the same time the distortions decrease and also the chromatic aberation in outer areas becomes lesser. The problem is that I can’t wear the HMD without any face cushion. I will need to make something myself.


Don’t know if this will help you but on my VIVE I cut the face cushion so that it left only about 3 inches at the top. This results in a very comfortable fit as the only contact points are these 3 inches at the top and resting touching points around my cheeks. This leaves some gaps but for some reason I don’t seem to perceive any light coming in from them but they have the advantage of ventilating the headset - I guess it depends on head shape for this to work. Forgot to mention I also actually cut the thickness down of the remaining 3 inches - clearly the foam now looks a little bit of a mess but doesn’t detract from comfort and gets my eyes right up to the lenses.