5K+ "Apparent focal distance"

Do we yet know this figure. I’m ordering Zenni Prescription lenses today for the 3D printed holder, but I need this info to order. I read where a Pimax Engineer stated that the effective focal distance was 1 to 2 meters. Why did he give a range? Was he not sure? My prescription at 1 meter is very different than at 2 meters.

@Sean.Huang @PimaxUSA @anon74848233, can one of you provide the focal distance (the perceived distance to the screens due to the lenses)? Thank you.


Come on Pimax staff. I know you can do it~

I am surprised no forum members have the answer. Am I the only person that has ever ordered lenses just for the 5K? You must all have good eyes?

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No, we simply have never received a proper answer.

I asked about this many months ago. I think it’s about 1-2 m. The answer I got was clearly incorrect: Iirc, it was 5 cm, the physical distance from your eye to the panel (which doesn’t account for the lenses). I assume this was a miscommunication or misunderstanding, but I didn’t get an additional reply.

@SweViver, could you please help up get this info? Thanks!


I guess I would be interested in knowing too, but the experience so far has been that even if Pimax says something it is not very useful.

My personal experience suggests that it is less than 1 meter, which is not in line with the official statement though (https://community.openmr.ai/t/glasses-attachment/13685/16).


Thanks for the responses Neal and Risa. 2 days and I still have not ordered from Zenni due to Pimax’s lack of response. Rather frustrating, and disappointing.

As usual, it always seems best to not depend on others (Pimax).So I will solve this myself. My wife was asked to go to the dollar tree store ( everything costs $1 there.) and purchase 10 pairs of reading glasses from +1.00 to +3.25 I will determine the correct correction myself and then order better glass from Zenni.

Interesting, my experience is that it should be more, because I see sharp without glasses inside Pimax and that would not be the case if it was under 1m (it is quite imprecise because somewhere around 1m I’m starting to get good visual focus and so it is hard to say subjectively - but since I feel comfortable in Pimax I would say it is more than 1m).

It is definitely more than 55cm because my compact camera zoom would not be able focus it otherwise.

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Its about 1,7meters.

I cant see clearly without my contacts -2.0 and -2.5

Its about same in real life where i see clearly about 1meter away and after that contacts or classes are needed.

I find pimax 5k+ to be about like rift what comes to focal distance.

And my wife (-3.25 both eyes ) agress with me


Yeah I am -2.0 in both and agree.