5K+ 72Hz flicker

5k+ users and whilst the headset works on 90Hz just fine, if I try the other refresh rates the screen flickers.
At 72Hz As in it goes completely back for about a 1/4 a second and then back on. Seems to be in a pattern of 4 flickers over 3 seconds and then normal for 3 seconds and back to flickering.
At 60hz its even worse.
This is happening on the Pi Home on or off, in All FOVs, with or without Smart Smoothing.

Tried both current and beta Pitool.
Any suggestions?

It would be nice to try lower frame rates so I can push up the graphics in some games and to well just try it out at lower refresh.

Ryzen 1600x. 16GB 3200, Vega64. all software on 1TB SSD, Win 10.
1 x V1 basestation, Xbox controller.

Unfortunately pimax is still having issues on amd gpus.

Check the amd driver thread @Willyfisch and a few others have bern discusding things there. One gentlemen has had a vega 56 working somewhat decent.



I just noticed this thread, I have a 2080Ti and i noticed this flickering as well at 72hz. A couple of days ago.

I dont think its related to AMD only. It may be driver related because it wasnt doing this before.

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Not sure how many others have this issue or if they have even tried the lower refresh rates.
Will see if the new Pitool Beta solves it as its mentioned as a fix.

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