5k+, 1BS, not 100% cirular movement when I turn my head. Solution?

Hi, this is noticeable in car/plane/space ship cockpits (because objects are relatively close)

If I turn my head from full left to full right (slowly or not, and from right to left as well) the movement seems circular but there is an angle on both sides (let’s say 70 deg) where my virtual head looks like it moves forward/backward a bit, and then it’s normal again for the 70-90 degrees area.
I use 1 BS.
Sometimes I think it’s better, some other days it’s not.

Is there a chance the gyros need to be calibrated at every start (for example by putting the headset on the floor before turning it like for PlayStation VR) ? Or is it only a BS/pimax captors issue?

Who else had this issue and who did manage to fix it? Or at least explain it?

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The first thing to check is reflections. Cover /everything/ that has any shine.

Also check if the same happens in every position in your room / at every distance from the base station. Sometimes tracking acts oddly if you are too close or far.


Hi SpenceGrant,

Have your problem:5k+,1BS,not 100% cirular movement when I turn my head been solved?
If not , you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


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