5700 xt. Works well with 5k+?

I’m looking at upgrading from my 1070 which while it works just fine is obviously not enough to really drive the 5k+. I was wondering if anyone here had experience with the AMD 5700xt on their pimax?

As far as I know there are still compatibility issues with AMD’s gpu drivers and Pimax headsets so I wouldn’t storm out to buy just yet until you find confirmation that it has been fixed.


For Pimax so far stay at Nvidia.

that was what I thought. such a shame given how the price to performance of the 5700 xt is SOOOO good.

There is no need for a fud campaign. The FFR in smart smoothin doesn’t work with Radeon drivers atm although it should be capable in principle. Since some don’t use it anyway it’s just a question of do you wanna use smart smoothin or not,
Some nerfin the devs to get their stuff together could help too, but there was little success in the past. Pimax has a different time scale definition …