5 Mistakes you shouldn't do ⛔ A 5k+ Review

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Hi everyone,

I’ve collected a short list of all the mistakes you should prevent under any circumstances. I wished I had this list myself because it would save me hours of my Life!

Oh, God. I wished I’ve never got a Pimax 5k+. But why? Well let’s split this topic into different groups:

The Screen door effect (SDE):
It’s by far the best I’ve seen in my life. Given I can only compare it to the SDE of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR with a Samsung Galaxy S8. But for what I saw this is a very good improvement and absolut satisfying my needs.

The felt display reaction time:
Not only that the displays run at 90 Hz, if your GPU is able to deliver the necessary Frames per second (FPS) then it feels like butter smooth. And thanks to the incoming BrainWarp Method from Pimax it will be even easier to deliver the same smoothness with half of the FPS usually necessary.

The Field of View (FOV):


If you ever played anything on the Pimax 5k+ you CAN’T possibly go back to any other Headset with less then the 200° FOV diagonally or 170° FOV horizontally from the Pimax 5k+, ever. You will be immediately remembered what difference exists in case you try it anyway.

So don’t buy the Pimax except you are prepared for this.

CONCLUSION: Once one your head, you don’t want anything else.



Ok, you’ve made the mistake of buying a Pimax 5k+?
Don’t fall into despair, nothing is lost yet. Just DO NOT TELL ANYONE!

Because if you do YOU will be the center of the attention of your family and friends. As if you mutated from a Normie to a Superstar within a split second. Everyone invites you to not only present the Pimax 5k+ to them but also to let them play the latest games/software of their choice.

Sure, it will be fun in another way but ultimately you will play a lot less than before yourself with your latest failed purchase.

CONCLUSION: By telling anyone you will mutate to a Superstar.


If you are very lucky and your family and friends have nothing to do with your work, there is a good chance you didn’t involve your colleagues yet. And as you’ve learned your lesson with bullet point no. 2 you should NOT TELL your colleagues about your Pimax 5k+!

Because if you do as I did they will ask you to do regular ‘VR-Arcade’ events. Sure it will increase your standing within the company. You socialize more, you find new friends, people see you are capable to handle complex technical topics and see that you are up to date.

But who in the right mind would want this? This will only reduce your own playtime - which comes above all. Or not?

CONLUSION: Telling your colleagues will burn your own playtime even more.


You must know, I am hating sport because you will sweat. In case you are feeling the same, I can only recommend you to never ever play Beat Saber on a Pimax 5k+. Because you will sweat more than ever did in your life - accumulated - within just a few days or weeks.

But it’s getting worse than that. You might think now, okay. Why you just don’t stop?

As mentioned before I want to protect you for my mistakes because you literally CANT STOP. Check my own records of how long I’ve played. It starts slow but after a while, you get ADDICTED.. It makes just to much fun to stop just after some minutes of playing.


CONCLUSION: Never start playing Beat Saber because you will sweat more than you like!


But my biggest mistake was to playing Beat Saber until I used my maximum stamina and let my girlfriend play then while i was recovering some power.

I’ve should know it my self. I’ve got addicted. How could I think she wouldn’t.

My sad Girlfriend is now sharing this addition with me against her will. What have I done?

CONCLUSION: Don’t let your girlfriend get addicted by Beat Saber and Pimax 5k+!

tl;dr: Get one. Don’t talk about it. Hide it from your girlfriend.

Thanks for reading my Review

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My wife plays the Beat Saber naked. So, don’t tell me what not to do. :smiley:


Hahaha :rofl: A good reason to let mine play for more then just 10 minutes, too.


nice review ! 20202020


Thanks a lot. It increased greatly my respect for bloggers, because i didn’t even imagine how hard and time consuming it is to write an own article from scratch.


there’s a joke in there, but I won’t touch it :wink:


pics… or it didn’t happen :joy:


That’s what she said… :thinking:


Kinda reminds me of the review why consoles are better than pcs. Can’t remember the youtube reviewer off hand. She does some nice pc hardware reviews. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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I remember her channel now… TastyPC :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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