4k upscale chip. Selectable?

I am curious as whether or not people with the 8k would be able to bypass or disable the up scaling chip? Maybe through software?

This may not be a benefit at all, but it seems like it might allow a degree of flexibility and maybe a performance increase vs. higher resolution.

My knowledge is limited and please correct me if i’m wrong, but the thought crossed my mind.

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I added a couple of pokes to your post.

From my awareness the upscaler is needed as tge native input res is less than the panel resolution.

Ahh, so using the native resolution would not fill the panel. Yeah?

That would be correct (from my basic understanding). The 8K-X panel lenses have to be different (when they are made). This is why a few weeks back when someone asked if they could offer some type of “upgrade” to the 8K version to make them into the X, there were talks that you would need to send the unit back to them to do the upgrade at some undecided cost. Pretty sure its impossible to bypass the upscaler and get the 8K to function.

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The panels are 4k each & dp 1.4 single cable is limited to 4k output .

Now the 5k wouldn’t need to upscale its input with a single cable.

Thanks for the info guys! Just brainstormin’

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Its how we learn. Since joining this awesome forum have learned and still am learning a lot from the variety of folks here. User & PiMax team alike. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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We are using the hardwrae
upscaling technology, built-in function module, no way to bypass it.
Thank you