How to? Alien ISOLATION 3D 360 on PIMAX 4K powered by VorpX

Tutorial and optimization for best experience:

  1. Install VorpX

  2. Configure VorpX / General / Device selection / HTC Vive / Apply & Close

  3. To minimize the potential of motion sickness and to enhance the image quality in VR
    open and edit \Alien - Isolation\DATA\ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML
    search for
    Quality name=“75” float=“75.0” precedence=“1”
    and modify to
    Quality name=“120” float=“120.0” precedence=“1”
    Save the flile in original format.

  4. Start Alien Isolation (AI.exe) in Pimax/direct mode

  5. Game is staring on your Pimax 4K

  6. A VorpX message appears / OK

  7. Press DEL key to open VorpX config-menu

  8. Switch “virtual cinema mode” from off to on (use arrow keys to navigate)

  9. Switch “3D reconstruction” from “geometry” to “z-adaptive”

  10. Save the VorpX settings

  11. My Pimax 4K recommendation for Alien Isolation / options / video
    11.1 Field of view 120 (high in-game FOV is extreme important in VR)
    11.2 Anti-aliasing: FXAA or higher
    11.3 Motion blur: off
    11.4 Depth of field: off
    11.5 Resolution 1440p or 2160p
    (For in-game resolution beyond 1080p you need to use Nvidia DSR technology)

  12. Ready? Start the game

  13. Press DEL to open VorpX config-menu

  14. Switch “virtual cinema mode” from on to off for 3D 360 gameplay

  15. Have fun and do not pee in your pants :wink:

Bonus: How to disable intro video for faster start-up?
Open to the directory \Alien - Isolation\DATA\UI\MOVIES and delete or rename AMD_IDENT.USM, FOX_IDENT.USM and CA_IDENT.USM

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Thanks for the tutorial, but my problem with vorpx, is that ever run in to a Steam cinema, It’s not inmersive. Can you help us?

Thanks for your attention.

Are you experienced in VorpX? VorpX cinema should start as described in step 8. VorpX cinema is not Steam cinema. At step 14 you should switch from VorpX cinema to 3D 360 mode. Please follow the steps exactly otherwise you will be lost.

If you need help you should describe the steps you’ve done otherweise I’m not able to reconstruct what you are doing :wink: In best case you post a screenshot as well.

I don’t have experice with Vorpx, I try it, but the steam games run in the steam theater. Well, not now, because steam say “unresponsive” when I start any game, but is not the point, I will fix it. The point is that voprx use the steam theater to work in direct mode. I only want to know if there a mode to fix that before follow your steps.

Thanks for your help and sorry for be a noob X(

Welcome :slight_smile: Firstly, you need to ensure that your Pimax works in 3D 360 in combination with SteamVR. Steam VR room setup is important. Then install MSI Electric City or InMind VR / InCell VR from Steam for free and play. If Steam theater (cinema screen) starts instead of full VR (3D 360) it will be senseless to use VorpX because it uses SteamVR as well.

Furthermore, you need the latest VorpX version and to use HTC Vive in the VorpX settings. You should also ensure that VorpX is started and running in the background (system tray near the clock) before running a game. VorpX will find the running game and it will manipulate the game (injection) to run in VR.

If your system, SteamVR, Pimax and VorpX are running fine, all you need is to follow my step by step instructions. If something is faulty on your system I can’t help you. Wish you much luck :slight_smile:
Btw. I will also create an instruction for Skyrim Original and Skyrim Special Edition the days.

Thanks so much, Steam Vr worked fine, but after playing twice with voprx it stopped working, I reinstall drivers, pimax software, steam and steam vr and vorpx. I think that I will need to reinstall windows. I will try to play alien isolation when I reinstall all again n.n

thanks again

Last cuestion, ¿where you from? :slight_smile:

Good luck. Btw. I’m from Germany. Cheers ^^

FYI VorpX not compatible with Win 7


For your info I use Windows 7 + VorpX + Pimax 4K + 4K in-game resolution.

have you gotten 4k to work in game somehow?

I use Nvidia DSR technology to enable 2.5K 1440p and 4K 2160p in-game resolution.