383 and didn’t get my Pimax and very angry 😤

I do not know what to do with this company???
No answers Just promises… and nothing!!!
And now They don’t Answer at all

I am sorry about all this time and that I supported this company…


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Which version 5k or 8k?

Pimax 5k…

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Sorry to hear that. As backer 383 that’s VERY odd! So you’ve never received any headset ie not waiting for a replacement?

Yours is on spreadsheet as on the way to overseas warehouse.

Yes and … no tracking nothing …

Wow - have Pimax provided ANY reason?

Are you in the UK by any chance?

They said there was confusion and error and they told me 1 months ago it’s over see…

I’m impressed you waited this long before complaining - hope you get better news soon👍

might consider what Kevin said at CES @PimaxUSA

start at minute 9:50

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:+1: Did that’s to…


Another day passed and there was no treatment from the company 383 :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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383 is on spreadsheet as on the way to overseas warehouse. the same as most peoples hmd.

383 your headset arrived at HK warehosue ,they are arranging the delivery

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Check my request in messages and topics
And do not ignore it.

Wow, way to go Pimax, telling backers that their units are just shipping out although reporting a long time ago that many more units have already left the factory.