3090 Ti Launching on 27th January


It’s comical how oversaturated the market is getting with different SKUs and yet not remotely enough supply.


Too true! Nvidia is getting a rep for producing vaporware!

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With what…5% improvement over 3090 lol.

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probably fixed the issue with overheating the backside ram. and added a significant price hike.


Would love to pick a 3070ti up at msrp. Not likely. All the hype for what! Then they will drop the 40 series and we will all want them after paying inflated prices lately. Not the time to stay on top unless you have deeeep pockets filled with ca$h.

In the uk and eu we can sign up to Telegram alerts that alert us as to when nvidia fe 30xx cards are in stock at specific retailers. It works, i got my 3080ti fe at msrp this way. I don’t know if u can do this in North America.

I won’t be buying a 3090ti, or a 4000 series gpu (then again i said i wouldnt order a varjo aero, too expensive i said, yet i have done. Thank god for 0% balance transfer c.cards :rofl: :smirk:)


Enjoy your varjo, hope your 3080ti satisfies its needs and you can skip a generation. I intended to do so with the 1080ti that has served me well. Now with the prices and shortages I will be trying for a 40 series for sure. I did just pick up an AMDđ 6900xt, (with mixed feelings).

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Thanks. I should be ok with a 3080ti, varjo recommend a 3070 (min spec being 2060). Interestingly the aero gives +5 fps in msfs compared to G2 running the same settings.

I say i won’t buy 4000 series but if what some of the online articles say about 50% increase over 3090 turn out to be true then i’d be very tempted. But i doubt 50%.

Why mixed feelings about AMD 6900xt?

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Congrats on the Aero purchase, I was a bout to then saw how long I’d have to wait, i’m not that type of person LOL, when I order I need it ASAP. SO GL can’t wait until those are in stock to buy.

Thankyou. Yeah i was told a 12-16 weeks wait on 9th dec so looking at march or april :drooling_face:.

Hey guys, I realize that market is thin, but there are ways to get cards. I was able to get my hands on 5 different GPUs, and had opportunities to get at least 3 more randomly.

EVGA allows you to queue up for specific models. When your queue pops, you can purchase. I was queued for a bunch of models, and unfortunately didnt have a customer build in need of them at the time.
I also was able to get one through NewEgg via the daily shuffle.
I got my personal 3090 in October of 2000 at MSRP from Microcenter - which is the best brick and mortar place in the US if you want to find IN STOCK GPUs.
I purchased one in the first pre-built ive bought since this dude got a dell in college lol. It was actually incredibly reasonably priced, well built and had high quality components, so I didnt bother to upgrade it.
Lastly, ive since been to my local Microcenter multiple times in the past two months, the shelves were stocked full of every model, every time I went.

You just have to know where to look, and be a bit persistant.


Yeah, I’ve been in the EVGA que since September of 2020, so needless to say it is moving at less than a snail’s pace. Thankfully my 1080ti has allowed me to limp along for now so I’ll just keep on waiting.

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Wow, that is ridiculous.

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I can’t upgrade without paying double MRSP so I might as well just spend that money on a real Go-Kart and just pretend I’m in Dirt Rally 2. :grinning:

As others has mentioned, the place to go is Micro Center if you are lucky enough to be near one or have a relative near one.

When they get certain GPUs in stock they will sell them to walk-in customers only (1 per customer) at MSRP or a very close to MSRP. I snagged my 3080Ti at one of them for MSRP as there is no way I’ll ever pay a scalper scumbag even a penny.

Don’t have those here. Indeed the choices in Canada pale by comparison to the US given the population density. Stores here that haven’t seen 30 series cards in a long time and what little they had usually went into full systems.

I miss the days when there we more than 2 players and ATI was Canadian.
“That’s when a smoke was a smoke. And groovin’ was groovin”. :smiley:

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